Monday’s For A Fresh Start

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Every Girl Needs This Dress

Girlssssss, wrap dresses, it is the best creation in the fashion world! Let me tell you why…first of all it is thee most comfortable dress ever! It is such a classic item to have in your wardrobe that doesn’t ever seem to go out of style. If you buy the right fabric, and color you can wear it through all the seasons! Okay, and if you’re a soon to be mom this would be a perfect dress as well because it doesn’t matter what shape or figure you are, you are guaranteed to look amazing. Dress it up or wear it more casually, you can do it all with wrap dresses. If I still haven’t convinced you well…. I think I will because this dress is only $16 so why not try it out now? I would go one size up if you’re a little more curvy because the split will open wider but the fabric is great, very nice and stretchy! Happy Shopping everyone!

With love, Elle.

Shop My Look♥️👉🏻 Wrap dress 👉🏻 Hat 👉🏻 HB Bag 👉🏻 Sandals

Also, since I’m enjoying my favorite ice cream here from Cauldron, the earl grey lavender ice cream, I thought I would share my favorite spots for a sweet treat.

1. Cauldron Ice Cream

2.  Á la Minute

3. Afters Ice Cream

4. Spatel Desserts 

Mexico City, Mexico

Today I’m sharing my trip to the beautiful Mexico City! 🇲🇽   We purchased a national flight from TJ to Mexico City and arrived 10 minutes late to the airport where they would not let us through!!! We were stuck in TJ with all our luggage and it was seriously the worst experience ever. 😭 I’m traumatized, I’ve done that before but they always let me through or switch my tickets without charging me! We had to buy another ticket and stay in TJ, which happened to be kind of fun! My cousin has an aunt who lives there so we crashed at their place and got taken to eat some bomb tacos! Then we left on the next flight to Mexico and were on our way! ✈️

My aunt lives in Mexico City so she took us around to the most beautiful restaurants, places and we had a great time because of her! Below are some of the spots you have to visit when you go. Also, watch a full vlog of everything we did! Click Here To Watch!

1.Castillo De Chapultepec

2. Palacio de Bellas Artes

3. Pyramids of the Sun

4. La Gruta Restaurant

5. Museo De Frida Kahlo

6. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral





3 Trends You Can Mix Together. 

Hi everyone, happy August! August for me is all about taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, trying out new things in my life! With that being said, Im not sure what it is about this outfit but it’s just one of those “cool girl” outfits and I’m all about it! It’s almost a trend overboard, but I’m trying something new out and I think it all works together perfectly. I’ve seriously only worn this hat a few times but I love it so much, I always try to incorporate it in an outfit but I end up changing my mind last minute. This time I’m glad I just went for it and I actually got a few compliments so I suppose it turned out good! 👍🏻 Big ruffled sleeves are trending this season a lot too and it’s such a fun detail. Now my jeans are so fun, I love the fit and style. I’m not sure what the statement trend of this outfit is…🤔 but I think these three make this outfit what it is!

Shop my look. 



   Similar jeans

HB bag

La vie Boheme

Hello gorgeous babes! The temperature has been rising a little more each day and I am extremely excited!! This means I’ll be getting those magical, warm summer nights I love so much! *major squeal. I just hate wearing something fresh during the day and having to change because the temperature went down, along with the sun. Now that the nights are also beginning to warm up I can stay in my summer day attire all day long. Being the bohemian flower child I am I could probably live in maxi dresses, ever since I was a little girl I loved dresses and hated wearing jeans. If it got cold I still wore dresses with some tights underneath, but this gal was not putting on jeans! Dresses were my thing and I gotta say they definitely still are especially if they are flowy with some open back details for the summer like this one. I linked a few adorable dresses down below but there are literally a million, thousand dresses out there that are amazing!

Love Elle.❤️


My dress is from Isabelle’s Cabinet but there are so many incredibly cute ones out there!

Just a few of my favorite ones..herehere, here and here!!

Sidewalk Secrets 

I always love spending time with my bestie and we always somehow try to coordinate in some way… It’s like I don’t want to be wearing flats when she’s wearing heels or vice versa. 👯 This day we hung out we wanted to go for a very casual bohemian look with turquoise accents and I loved how it came out! The pop of silver and turquoise against our clothing was just amazing!

Now for if you’re looking for some fun things to do during the summer with your best friend we’ve got you covered! Below are 10 fun ideas!

  1. Go for a walk, run, or jog! If you’re wearing little heels then probably make it a little walk around your neighborhood park! I am so lucky to live only 10 minutes away from my best friend so that’s a little more doable for us but if you don’t then just plan it out!
  2. Brunch it up! Go to cute little outdoor seating cafes and doll yourselves up! Maddie and I have a mini list of places we need to try!
  3. OC fair! During the month of July and August we have a fair with amazing food of all sorts and fun rides! Personally I don’t trust the rides all that much but they have good food and shows to entertain us so that’s enough for me!
  4. Roller skating/ Ice skating!! I love roller skating in the skating rinks but I also own a pair of roller blades that I use every now and then. Ice skating would just be an amazing thing to do during the day when the sun is way too hot to enjoy.
  5. Make it a pool day! I’m so happy my parents have an amazing pool we could enjoy stalked with fun floaties every summer, this year it’s gummy bears! Grab some ice cold beverages and blast your favorite tunes and just enjoy the day together!
  6. Beach day!! My bestie is all about exploring and has been telling me about snorkeling every time we hang out, she has all the gear and is always so excited about it. It’s made it onto my to do list with her but we still haven’t gotten around to doing.
  7. Shopping!! Shop! Duh! That’s a simple one!
  8. Sweet Treat! Go for a fun sweet treat of your choice! Ice cream, cake, smoothie, acai bowl, anything!!
  9. Theme Park Day! California has so many fun theme parks and I’m sure you have one near you!!
  10. Road Trip!! Choose the most gas efficient car and drive out to big sur or even San Diego! Doesn’t matter just go explore!!

Hope you enjoyed!


Love, Elle.

PS: Details at the end!💙

My Outfit

Blouse: Sun and Shadow old cute ones Here and Here and Here!!

Denim: Burburry amazing fit!!! Purchase here Good deal Here!

Bag: Tory Burch

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bestie’s Outfit 

Knit Cardigan: Similar here

Top: Free People has adorable ones!

Shorts: Adorable ones here!

Shoes: In love with these!!!

Bag:Loving this grey one! ANDDD This one!!

Seattle, Washington

Day one

Arrived in Seattle at 11 in the afternoon and immediately went exploring after eating at lowell’s, inside Pike Place Market. We went to the second floor and enjoyed some brunch overlooking the pier of Seattle. After we ate we walked around the market admiring every single flower stand! We headed on over to the Seattle Aquarium where we saw so many animals, first time being in an aquarium and I must say I enjoyed it. Once we saw every single exhibit we went on a boat tour, it was so cold but so worth it! For dinner we ate at the pink door, only way to get there is through the pink door. Food was bomb, restaurant’s interior design was diverse. The last thing on our list was the ferris wheel.DSC_4074.jpg






Day Two

The second day was full of beautiful sights! Had to go inside of the very first Nordstrom that was five floors high, biggest Nordstrom yet! We also came across this very innovative area of food trucks, I thought it was such an interesting thing to have and there were so many people getting their lunch there. Our next stop had to be Pike’s place market once again only to look at all of the flowers from that day. I of course created my very own bouquet and my theme was lavender and dark purples. Then it was off to Chihuly museum, I have always been extremely fascinated by art but this was something else. I have never seen anything like this and I was inspired by all the bright colors and the actual process of creating these glass sculptures is beyond amazing, the creativity, patience and confidence has to be on another level. I love how Chihuly puts his masterpiece somewhere not expected turning something ordinary into something phenomenal. His work is actually all over the world and I would love to see it all! The museum also has the most quaint little cafe called The Collections Cafe where Chihuly has a bunch of random things he collects. Super random but the food was good and it was fun to sit there and look through all his collection and we even made fifty bucks there by completing a survey! We had dinner at Salty’s where the food was delicious and the view from our table was magical.








Day three.

It was Zoo exploring time! So much fun and I can not begin to explain how fun this random day was. Every single animal knew we were coming and hung out with us it was pretty cool! We had lunch there and it was delish! That basically lasted the whole day. For dinner we went up the space needle and enjoyed our dinner while the space needle revolved in circles very slowly. Hands down without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever eaten in my life where not only is the food undescribable but the view was unreal. It was definitely a pinch me please kind of moment. Later that night we then went salsa dancing in the most crazy place ever! Such a classy dance studio full of amazing dancers from every single ethnicity, I was amazed and maybe a little intimidated. It was a pretty unforgettable last night in Seattle.




Day Four.

Our very last day we had brunch at the cutest little tea house, Queen Mary’s Tea Room. So yummy! e then walked over to the nearest park where we got on a paddle boat and just relaxed. After that we headed over to Percy’s & Co to much on some appetizers and have an ice cold drink because it was so darn hot!! Once again the food didn’t disappoint, it never seemed to disappoint. One last stop to Pike place to pick out some flowers where I was given a bouquet for free and purchased another one. I came home with flowers from Seattle and I was beyond excited to get home and arrange them all in my big blue vase.






Seattle is must see!

Love, Elle.