Sidewalk Secrets 

I always love spending time with my bestie and we always somehow try to coordinate in some way… It’s like I don’t want to be wearing flats when she’s wearing heels or vice versa. 👯 This day we hung out we wanted to go for a very casual bohemian look with turquoise accents and I loved how it came out! The pop of silver and turquoise against our clothing was just amazing!

Now for if you’re looking for some fun things to do during the summer with your best friend we’ve got you covered! Below are 10 fun ideas!

  1. Go for a walk, run, or jog! If you’re wearing little heels then probably make it a little walk around your neighborhood park! I am so lucky to live only 10 minutes away from my best friend so that’s a little more doable for us but if you don’t then just plan it out!
  2. Brunch it up! Go to cute little outdoor seating cafes and doll yourselves up! Maddie and I have a mini list of places we need to try!
  3. OC fair! During the month of July and August we have a fair with amazing food of all sorts and fun rides! Personally I don’t trust the rides all that much but they have good food and shows to entertain us so that’s enough for me!
  4. Roller skating/ Ice skating!! I love roller skating in the skating rinks but I also own a pair of roller blades that I use every now and then. Ice skating would just be an amazing thing to do during the day when the sun is way too hot to enjoy.
  5. Make it a pool day! I’m so happy my parents have an amazing pool we could enjoy stalked with fun floaties every summer, this year it’s gummy bears! Grab some ice cold beverages and blast your favorite tunes and just enjoy the day together!
  6. Beach day!! My bestie is all about exploring and has been telling me about snorkeling every time we hang out, she has all the gear and is always so excited about it. It’s made it onto my to do list with her but we still haven’t gotten around to doing.
  7. Shopping!! Shop! Duh! That’s a simple one!
  8. Sweet Treat! Go for a fun sweet treat of your choice! Ice cream, cake, smoothie, acai bowl, anything!!
  9. Theme Park Day! California has so many fun theme parks and I’m sure you have one near you!!
  10. Road Trip!! Choose the most gas efficient car and drive out to big sur or even San Diego! Doesn’t matter just go explore!!

Hope you enjoyed!


Love, Elle.

PS: Details at the end!💙

My Outfit

Blouse: Sun and Shadow old cute ones Here and Here and Here!!

Denim: Burburry amazing fit!!! Purchase here Good deal Here!

Bag: Tory Burch

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bestie’s Outfit 

Knit Cardigan: Similar here

Top: Free People has adorable ones!

Shorts: Adorable ones here!

Shoes: In love with these!!!

Bag:Loving this grey one! ANDDD This one!!


Savannah, Georgia

Day One: The Florence & Topdeck

Our first night in Savannah we ate at a Italian restaurant called The Florence and the menu consisted of traditional dishes in Florence. Of course we had to try some pasta and it was delicious!! After dinner we headed over to Topdeck bar and had drinks on a rooftop lounge overlooking Savannah. I have to say it was a perfect little first day.


Day Two: The Collins Quarter & Forsyth Park & The Paris Market & The Mansion Bar

Now day two we walked over to The Collins Quarter to eat breakfast and it was pretty much freezing on our walk there but we made it. The food there was de-lish-ous!!!!After breakfast we made our way to Forsyth Park but had to stop along the way to take pictures of all the beautiful Savannah trees, it’s like there’s a park on every street with benches, flowers and I loved it. Forsyth Park had everything and it was a pretty big park, I believe during the summer they have mini concerts there and there are little cafe’s as well. The we wanted to check out The Paris Market where they had macaroons and cute little trinkets all over the store. We then went to walk down River street where you can walk, shop and eat along the river. Once the sun went down we decided to eat at The grey and the lighting was horrible there so I couldn’t take a picture of my food but it was probably one of the best meals I had in Savannah. After dinner we headed over to The Mansion on Forsyth Park to have a drink and we were surprised to find live music and the ambiance was just what we wanted and my sister and I danced and sang our way into her 15th birthday.

Day Three: Sightseeing & Birthday Photoshoot

Our third day we ate macaroons for breakfast and bagel and found a little antique store where we found a few gems After breakfast we went home for a nap because we were walking all day on the second day. After our nap we headed over to Forsyth Park to have a mini photoshoot for my sister’s birthday. Later we had dinner at The olde Pink but it was literally only lit up by candles so once again our food was not able to come out in our pictures but it was delicious and so different eating in this super old restaurant.

Day Four: B And D Burgers & Byrd’s

The fourth day was our last day and the weather was amazing, we were pretty bummed out we were leaving the day the sun and wind decide to be perfect. For breakfast we actually went to starbucks and just ordered bagels and matcha tea because we weren’t that hungry. We ate at B and D Burgers while a band played country music and I loved every second of it! We shared some nachos and they were so good! Everything about this burger joint was so country I would definitely come back. After this we headed over to the airport and went home. Oh, I also found these beautiful pieces of jewels from a random little boutique that were handmade. I love little shops like this one (it’s name was Sparkle).