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3 Trends You Can Mix Together. 

Hi everyone, happy August! August for me is all about taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, trying out new things in my life! With that being said, Im not sure what it is about this outfit but it’s just one of those “cool girl” outfits and I’m all about it! It’s almost a trend overboard, but I’m trying something new out and I think it all works together perfectly. I’ve seriously only worn this hat a few times but I love it so much, I always try to incorporate it in an outfit but I end up changing my mind last minute. This time I’m glad I just went for it and I actually got a few compliments so I suppose it turned out good! 👍🏻 Big ruffled sleeves are trending this season a lot too and it’s such a fun detail. Now my jeans are so fun, I love the fit and style. I’m not sure what the statement trend of this outfit is…🤔 but I think these three make this outfit what it is!

Shop my look. 



   Similar jeans

HB bag

5 Things You Must Do During Summer


1. A day at the fair! 🎡🎠

If you have not gone to the fair during the summer then.. well.. you’re missing out on summer ladies and gents! It’s filled with fun, different kinds of performances, out of the ordinary food and just a good time waiting to happen! Grab your friends and go make sweet summer memories! 

2. Road trip. 🚗🌞

A road trip for me (in CA) would be a weekend getaway to Palm Springs, San Diego, Malibu, Venice, LA, … the list could go on really. My point is, find a nearby city with some things you want to see or do, or maybe book an awesome hotel you just want to lounge at. It always feels like summer when you have that summer trip! 

3. Rent a bike. 🕶🚴🏼

I think renting a bike can only be done during the summer because, who wants to ride a bike when it’s freezing and have that cold wind slap your face? Not me! Biking around is a must do SUMMER activity! I always look forward going to a beach to rent a bike! It’s one of my favorite things to do during the summer! Just make sure you wear lots of sun screen and maybe a hat! 😉

4. Drive-In theatre. 

I live for movie dates with my boyfriend, sisters, friends, cousins, parents, just anyone!!! I’m always up for a movie but have you done a drive-in theatre? Now those are something else!! If you have a bigger car I think it’s a little more fun and comfy but regardless it’s a good time. My boyfriend has blown up a mattress, grabbed blankets, and pillows to create the most comfortable movie situation ever. He also happens to have a truck so it was out in the fresh open air! He always does it the best! 👌🏻 Make sure you snap some pictures of the night because you are going to want to remember, I guarantee it! 

If you’re in California, I usually go to Vineland Theatre 

5.  Guilt free popsicles. 

How can I resist the practically instant refresher of eating a popsicle on an insanely hot day. So many flavors to try that I want to eat popsicles every single day! So why not? – especially if they’re guilt free! Grab your favorite fruit and create your very own popsicles, that are good for you! 😉 They’re extra refreshing in a bikini floating on your favorite float in the pool! Here are some recipes to try!

Those are my five must do things! Hope you try at least one because I know you won’t regret it! 😘 Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy summer, 💛 Elle. 

San Diego, California (Day Trip)

I had a Portland trip planned this weekend but our flights were canceled because of the weather conditions out there. I was extremely excited about the Portland trip and had our itinerary planned and everything but the weather was out of my hands so we headed out to San Diego as a last minute getaway. Thanks to my trip cancellation I discovered a few beautiful spots in San Diego and just had to share with you all! Links to the items pictured in this post are down below!

Harbor- My new favorite spot for breakfast/brunch in San Diego. It’s not only incredibly photogenic but it also has some pretty bomb food! I felt like I was having a moment from Ratatouille haha!  I had chilaquiles but I don’t even like other chilaquiles that aren’t made by my momma but these were basically identical in taste! dsc_1103dsc_1110dsc_1113

Little Italy- After breakfast we were right smack in the middle of little Italy and obviously we had to take a little walk of exploration. We ran into Piazza Basilone a tribute to Basilone a Marine that fought for his country with so much courage, strength, and honor. They had the most beautiful world fountain made of mosaic tiles!dsc_1119dsc_1130dsc_1131dsc_1142dsc_1158dsc_1159dsc_1160dsc_1161

Cafe Gratitude- This spot is beautiful definitely took home some inspiration for my future home! I loved the ambiance, the greenery, everything about it was perfection. We only had a small snack but it’s bookmarked in my yelp app!

Balboa Park- Seriously one of my favorite parks. It gives me major nostalgia from being in Madrid and taking little walks around the city after meetings and eating at amazing little restaurants. This park offers around 13 museums and has a few different street performers as well, I could spend the whole day here! dsc_1223dsc_1225dsc_1237dsc_1241dsc_1246dsc_1264dsc_1284dsc_1291dsc_1303

Rooftop – It was starting to sprinkle but I just had to head out to a pretty little rooftop lounge before we left for the day!

Yes, I totally did an outfit change depending on the weather and place!! Thanks for checking out this post, hope you enjoyed it! If you’re interested links below on some on the items pictured in this post!

Love, Elle!! Kisses!!!

Dress- Sooo old!! Favorite little silk lemon dress./OTK Boots – Amazon/ Sweater- Brandy Melville/ Beanie- H&M/ Chanel pin-ChanelBag- Henri Bendel/ Umbrella-  Henri Bendel similar one (Not available online but is available in store!)/ Brown Booties- Nordstrom & on sale!!!

Style Wrap Around Crop Top

I seriously, majorly scored with this wrap around crop top I found. It’s the perfect addition to any high waisted bottom you may have. I happen to love how it looks with my maxi skirts! The fabric is so soft and comfortable with a little bit of stretch so this top is not constricting at all. Are you surprised it’s an open back piece, I can’t get enough of that style. This top tightens with two strings and the strings continue to wrap around your waist giving it a very boho chic, slightly messy look that I happen to be in love with.

Top: Make me chic

Skirt: Gorgeous one Here, Cool tye dye one Here, Pretty floral one Here, and another floral one Here!!

Bag: Henri Bendel

Booties: Joie


Venice Beach, California

I haven’t posted on this travel tab lately and I’m so sad! I actually have gone on a few mini getaways in CA but it’s been so hot where I’ve been going it’s humanly impossible for me to stop and take pictures of anything! I’ve also been just lounging around poolside so there’s not much to document but I finally went on a one day trip to Venice and did so many fun things I had to share! I’ve been to Venice a few time before but it’s mostly just to visit a friend where we usually just head to the beach or hang out at their house so I never actually explored Venice like I did today. We left early and headed straight to Abbot Kinney blvd to ‘The Butcher’s Daughter Juice bar & Cafe’ where I fell in love with the interior design and basically planned how my future home will look. I loved the bohemian look with the white wood, wooden plates, green plants, and the rose gold ohhhh the rose gold seriously gave it the perfect touch. Besides being beautiful the food and drinks were delicious.




After eating we walked outside to shop and explore, we happened to go a day there was a festival so there were so many boutique type clothing booths set up, handmade jewelry shops, there was everything!! I obviously had to buy a few beautiful things!dsc_8426

We then started to make our way down to the famous Venice sign where we discovered amazing murals all over huge walls that were so picture worthy….like how could you come to Venice beach and not take pictures here! It’s a must do!


We rented some bikes and made our way to probably the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen! The Venice canals, I’ve been to Rome, Italy (it’s very special to my heart and happens to be my very first post here on my blog) but never made it to Venezia and for that I seriously regret so much and after visiting these canals I can only imagine how much more beautiful the real Venice is. Definitely on my bucket list for 2017.


After walking our bikes through this beautiful canal, can you believe we biked all the way to Santa Monica pier!? It didn’t take too long and I would definitely do it again preferably on a more chilly day! Last stop was a restaurant called Salt Air where we were basically dehydrated and dying from that bike ride! I only managed to take a picture of our seriously beyond delicious fish we ate but it was gone in a few minutes!dsc_8568dsc_8608dsc_8620

That sums up my photo diary of my one day trip to Venice beach, California. I also made a super fast video of everything.If you’re planning on visiting California, definitely a must see! Email/comment if you have any questions I always reply! Hope you enjoy! 🙈

Anthropologie Style

I was just invited by Anthropologie to attend an amazing Yoga event in their store and left with some amazing goodies as well as inspiration! I am seriously in love with anything bohemian and Anthropologie is the epitome of all things bohemian therefore making it one of my favorite stores! If you haven’t checked it out, it’s a must do, be ready to be incredibly inspired by all the choices of decor around the store. I love drawing and painting and anytime I walk in there I leave with some major inspiration for my next painting as well as some clothes. Every piece is unique and the quality of every clothing piece is beyond belief, so intricate and detailed.  Even their mugs are beautiful, they recently designed these new mugs that remind me of painting with watercolors. This beautiful little mug left me thinking about what I was going to paint as soon as I got home. This dress has amazing beadwork on the front and I love how soft the fabric is  plus it has pockets, making that much cuter!! I am so excited to wear this little dress with my over the knee boots when it gets a lot colder over here in California and you better believe I’ll be wearing this dress during the summer next year too! I’ll have the direct links to this dress and mug below!!

Love, Elle. Besitos!!!dsc_8969DSC_8940.jpgdsc_8869dsc_8854dsc_8923dsc_8895

Dress: Anthropologie

Mug: Anthropologie

Heels: Old Similar ones here! &&& Cute wrap around ones here!!