Monday’s For A Fresh Start

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Every Girl Needs This Dress

Girlssssss, wrap dresses, it is the best creation in the fashion world! Let me tell you why…first of all it is thee most comfortable dress ever! It is such a classic item to have in your wardrobe that doesn’t ever seem to go out of style. If you buy the right fabric, and color you can wear it through all the seasons! Okay, and if you’re a soon to be mom this would be a perfect dress as well because it doesn’t matter what shape or figure you are, you are guaranteed to look amazing. Dress it up or wear it more casually, you can do it all with wrap dresses. If I still haven’t convinced you well…. I think I will because this dress is only $16 so why not try it out now? I would go one size up if you’re a little more curvy because the split will open wider but the fabric is great, very nice and stretchy! Happy Shopping everyone!

With love, Elle.

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Also, since I’m enjoying my favorite ice cream here from Cauldron, the earl grey lavender ice cream, I thought I would share my favorite spots for a sweet treat.

1. Cauldron Ice Cream

2.  Á la Minute

3. Afters Ice Cream

4. Spatel Desserts 

Mexico City, Mexico

Today I’m sharing my trip to the beautiful Mexico City! 🇲🇽   We purchased a national flight from TJ to Mexico City and arrived 10 minutes late to the airport where they would not let us through!!! We were stuck in TJ with all our luggage and it was seriously the worst experience ever. 😭 I’m traumatized, I’ve done that before but they always let me through or switch my tickets without charging me! We had to buy another ticket and stay in TJ, which happened to be kind of fun! My cousin has an aunt who lives there so we crashed at their place and got taken to eat some bomb tacos! Then we left on the next flight to Mexico and were on our way! ✈️

My aunt lives in Mexico City so she took us around to the most beautiful restaurants, places and we had a great time because of her! Below are some of the spots you have to visit when you go. Also, watch a full vlog of everything we did! Click Here To Watch!

1.Castillo De Chapultepec

2. Palacio de Bellas Artes

3. Pyramids of the Sun

4. La Gruta Restaurant

5. Museo De Frida Kahlo

6. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral





3 Trends You Can Mix Together. 

Hi everyone, happy August! August for me is all about taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, trying out new things in my life! With that being said, Im not sure what it is about this outfit but it’s just one of those “cool girl” outfits and I’m all about it! It’s almost a trend overboard, but I’m trying something new out and I think it all works together perfectly. I’ve seriously only worn this hat a few times but I love it so much, I always try to incorporate it in an outfit but I end up changing my mind last minute. This time I’m glad I just went for it and I actually got a few compliments so I suppose it turned out good! 👍🏻 Big ruffled sleeves are trending this season a lot too and it’s such a fun detail. Now my jeans are so fun, I love the fit and style. I’m not sure what the statement trend of this outfit is…🤔 but I think these three make this outfit what it is!

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   Similar jeans

HB bag

Watercolor Dreaming

Hello all, hope everyone is having a sweet week! I wore this beautiful dress out to an event and I think it’s one of the most beautiful dresses ever!!! Not only is the OTS detail my favorite but the print on the dress reminds of painting with watercolors. It’s just beautifully simple and elegant in every way. It also has pockets which make it perfect for carrying my lipstick and phone! Oh, and this dress is on sale now!!! I paired this dress with my Manolo Blahnik shoes and I just loveeeee how the look turned out. I also chose these light purple flower drop earrings that add more elegance to the look.

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Dress: Ted Baker

Shoes: Manolo Blanik

Earrings: Extremely old from Forever 21DSC_3823DSC_3770dsc_3789.jpgdefaultDSC_3759dsc_3783.jpgDSC_3778DSC_3795DSC_3808DSC_3747DSC_3825

How To Style a White Dress

Hello, is anyone else out there extremely sad about fourth of July being over?! I gotta say the month of July is one of my favorites, it’s like my preppy style comes out to play and I enjoy every second of it especially for the fourth! Plus my family barbecues almost every weekend as I tan the day away in the pool, what more can I possibly ask for! My outfit for today was worn on an insanely hot July day but I felt cool all day wearing this dress because well…duh it’s a dress! I love an all white dress because the outfit options are endless, you can go for something dressy or casual! You can even experiment with different makeup/hair looks. I wore this dress as preppy as it could possibly get keeping it quite classy, I felt like a modern day Jackie Kennedy with my silk neck scarf and adorable little straw purse. I also wore these little nude sandals that I seriously wear everywhere because they are SO, SO, SO, SO comfortable, I’m so happy I purchased these babies! For my hair I did some loose waves but eventually pulled it up into a ponytail.. the heat was getting to me with all that hair! I just can’t do this long hair ….especially during the summer. I haven’t applied heat in about one week and a half and it feels like it grew five inches… I thought I wanted long hair…but then I just don’t really like the feeling. I’m going to try to contain myself from cutting it though but stay tuned in case I do decide to chop it off!  Direct links for items below.

Love Elle.

Scarf- Basically the same one for $4!!!!!  |Bag-Zara sale&all sold out! Similar one here $74! or $24 here! |Shoes- Hinge-Nordstrom $59  |Dress- Leith-Nordstrom & On sale!!! $41  |  




Zara sale is here!!! I always try so hard not to buy anything during the year because every year the items I bought full price make it to the sale!! Here are some of my top picks this year, I thought I’d share! Hurry, hurry before everything you want is sold out! Click on the picture to check out the price or purchase!