Monday’s For A Fresh Start

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Sunday’s Best

Hello, lately I’ve been looking forward to the weekend more and more, not because I need a break from my job but because I get to dress up! During the week I run every single morning so doing my hair just doesn’t happen, I usually make some type of wet sleek bun or braids depending on the day. I work with children most of the day so being comfortable is necessary, I find myself going for fun work chinos in case I want to take my session with the child to the floor. Sometimes I do opt for a midi skirt since it allows me to sit comfortably as well but I don’t want to be restricted so it’s always something very flowy and long. Heels? Nope. I wear flats, or sandals that most of the time get taken off during the day. I look professional when the parents show up but once it gets to the middle of the session I want to be comfortable working with the child. Wearing heels is now a thing for the weekends! Now getting to my outfit, how cool is the skirt?! I saw it on, on sale and thought it would be such a cool piece to have! I also snatched this bodysuit because a girl can never have too many. They are perfect for skirts or jeans because they stay tucked in at all times! I  went for classic nude accessories, shoes and bag. Overall such a fun classic outfit. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Elle.

Shop my look–> (Everything is on sale!!) Skirt. + White bodysuit. + HB bag + Similar nude pumps.



3 Trends You Can Mix Together. 

Hi everyone, happy August! August for me is all about taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, trying out new things in my life! With that being said, Im not sure what it is about this outfit but it’s just one of those “cool girl” outfits and I’m all about it! It’s almost a trend overboard, but I’m trying something new out and I think it all works together perfectly. I’ve seriously only worn this hat a few times but I love it so much, I always try to incorporate it in an outfit but I end up changing my mind last minute. This time I’m glad I just went for it and I actually got a few compliments so I suppose it turned out good! 👍🏻 Big ruffled sleeves are trending this season a lot too and it’s such a fun detail. Now my jeans are so fun, I love the fit and style. I’m not sure what the statement trend of this outfit is…🤔 but I think these three make this outfit what it is!

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   Similar jeans

HB bag

La vie Boheme

Hello gorgeous babes! The temperature has been rising a little more each day and I am extremely excited!! This means I’ll be getting those magical, warm summer nights I love so much! *major squeal. I just hate wearing something fresh during the day and having to change because the temperature went down, along with the sun. Now that the nights are also beginning to warm up I can stay in my summer day attire all day long. Being the bohemian flower child I am I could probably live in maxi dresses, ever since I was a little girl I loved dresses and hated wearing jeans. If it got cold I still wore dresses with some tights underneath, but this gal was not putting on jeans! Dresses were my thing and I gotta say they definitely still are especially if they are flowy with some open back details for the summer like this one. I linked a few adorable dresses down below but there are literally a million, thousand dresses out there that are amazing!

Love Elle.❤️


My dress is from Isabelle’s Cabinet but there are so many incredibly cute ones out there!

Just a few of my favorite ones..herehere, here and here!!

Sidewalk Secrets 

I always love spending time with my bestie and we always somehow try to coordinate in some way… It’s like I don’t want to be wearing flats when she’s wearing heels or vice versa. 👯 This day we hung out we wanted to go for a very casual bohemian look with turquoise accents and I loved how it came out! The pop of silver and turquoise against our clothing was just amazing!

Now for if you’re looking for some fun things to do during the summer with your best friend we’ve got you covered! Below are 10 fun ideas!

  1. Go for a walk, run, or jog! If you’re wearing little heels then probably make it a little walk around your neighborhood park! I am so lucky to live only 10 minutes away from my best friend so that’s a little more doable for us but if you don’t then just plan it out!
  2. Brunch it up! Go to cute little outdoor seating cafes and doll yourselves up! Maddie and I have a mini list of places we need to try!
  3. OC fair! During the month of July and August we have a fair with amazing food of all sorts and fun rides! Personally I don’t trust the rides all that much but they have good food and shows to entertain us so that’s enough for me!
  4. Roller skating/ Ice skating!! I love roller skating in the skating rinks but I also own a pair of roller blades that I use every now and then. Ice skating would just be an amazing thing to do during the day when the sun is way too hot to enjoy.
  5. Make it a pool day! I’m so happy my parents have an amazing pool we could enjoy stalked with fun floaties every summer, this year it’s gummy bears! Grab some ice cold beverages and blast your favorite tunes and just enjoy the day together!
  6. Beach day!! My bestie is all about exploring and has been telling me about snorkeling every time we hang out, she has all the gear and is always so excited about it. It’s made it onto my to do list with her but we still haven’t gotten around to doing.
  7. Shopping!! Shop! Duh! That’s a simple one!
  8. Sweet Treat! Go for a fun sweet treat of your choice! Ice cream, cake, smoothie, acai bowl, anything!!
  9. Theme Park Day! California has so many fun theme parks and I’m sure you have one near you!!
  10. Road Trip!! Choose the most gas efficient car and drive out to big sur or even San Diego! Doesn’t matter just go explore!!

Hope you enjoyed!


Love, Elle.

PS: Details at the end!💙

My Outfit

Blouse: Sun and Shadow old cute ones Here and Here and Here!!

Denim: Burburry amazing fit!!! Purchase here Good deal Here!

Bag: Tory Burch

Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Bestie’s Outfit 

Knit Cardigan: Similar here

Top: Free People has adorable ones!

Shorts: Adorable ones here!

Shoes: In love with these!!!

Bag:Loving this grey one! ANDDD This one!!

Teen Vogue: Summer Edition

This outfit was inspired by Teen Vogue, when I think of Teen Vogue I think of lively colors of all sorts and new fashion trends one must experiment with especially during the summer. My outfit had to be work appropriate but I was able to incorporate some radiant colors into my outfit such as my hot pink bag you’ve seen a few times before and this dazzling yellow tweed blazer with a surprise of zipper detailing. I paired my two pops of color altogether with a simple striped linen dress and some simple nude heels. As for my hair I made this absolutely beautiful crown braid which actually makes me feel like a modern day bohemian summer princess Frida Kahlo (yes..that’s all together). That sums up my Teen Vogue: Summer Edition outfit. Happy Monday! Deets at the end.

Love, Elle.💋


Blazer- Purchased this in Paris like 2012!! Similar ones herehere, and here!

Bag-Henri Bendel





Pretty little thing 

How amazing is it when you have the most beautiful sun kissed golden looking skin and throw on something white😍! I seriously felt like a tan goddess with this white pretty little open back romper. Unfortunately I don’t tan very easily I burn and peel immediately after, it’s always been so annoying but every year I bust out my self tanner. It’s seriously my number one beauty secret during the summer. A few years ago I discovered Victoria’s Secret bronzing lotion that only lasts for that day. I love the smell and the golden color it gives me that ends up looking quite natural, even after two or three coats🙈! Once I get that golden summer skin throwing on something white will definitely encentuate that tan! One of the reasons I love this romper has to be the open back detail, it simply screams summer! I paired it with my all time favorite Tory Burch gladiator sandals, she makes the most amazing sandals, as well as this classic denim jacket. Accessories were kept minimal by only wearing earring studs and one dainty bracelet. You can’t ever go wrong with the color white and especially not during the summer☀️! Details below!

Love, Elle💋

Tanning Lotion- Victoria Secret

White Romper- Bought in Mexico Similar one here! and here!

Sandals-Tory Burch similar here  and here!

Denim Jacket- Zara

Dotted Swiss fabric 

This is my official entry for the manrepeller, bloglovin’, and H&M contest!💛  I am also sharing my baby blog with everyone publicly. I have always  had a great admiration of personal style as well as a great infatuation with traveling and that is the epitome of my blog including my illustrations (haven’t shared many due to insecurity or reluctance, working on it) , Do-it-yourself projects and personal lifestyle activities. Hope everyone enjoys, I would appreciate your feedback in the comment section below!🙈🙊

The contest mentioned before asks us to style a piece from H&M and I chose this midi dress (because I don’t have too many midi dresses already😁). I immediately fell in love with this dress due to the simplicity of it and became obsessed with the dotted Swiss fabric detailing of it. This dress reminds me of the 40s making it simply a classic dress. I styled my dress with some brown leather gold heeled sandals and a fun straw bag. I also believe hair plays a big part in styling an outfit and I thought a messy french braid was very fitting for my look. I curled my hair before braiding to give it more texture and pulled out a few strands to frame my face. To my surprise, after I took my dress home, I discovered buttons along the bottom of the top and the straps as well making them removable. I am able to wear this dress as a skirt and top, a halter top, or even paired separately! 😍 Did I even need another reason to be more obsessed with this dress?-No, but I am!  This concludes my entry and post on this dotted Swiss fabric dress. Details are at the bottom along with the links if you would like to purchase any items.

Love, Elle

Ps: These pictures were taken in New York City, on a balcony, belonging to Kate Spade. They were so kind to let me use it for my mini photoshoot as well as providing me drinks and this adorable book. If you’re a planner like me this book needs to be on your shelf immediately! Kate Spade, thank you. 😘


Dotted Swiss Fabric Dress- H&M

Bag- Blanco

Shoes- Tory burch (Similar! )

Sunglasses- Raybans Aviators