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Every Girl Needs This Dress

Girlssssss, wrap dresses, it is the best creation in the fashion world! Let me tell you why…first of all it is thee most comfortable dress ever! It is such a classic item to have in your wardrobe that doesn’t ever seem to go out of style. If you buy the right fabric, and color you can wear it through all the seasons! Okay, and if you’re a soon to be mom this would be a perfect dress as well because it doesn’t matter what shape or figure you are, you are guaranteed to look amazing. Dress it up or wear it more casually, you can do it all with wrap dresses. If I still haven’t convinced you well…. I think I will because this dress is only $16 so why not try it out now? I would go one size up if you’re a little more curvy because the split will open wider but the fabric is great, very nice and stretchy! Happy Shopping everyone!

With love, Elle.

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Also, since I’m enjoying my favorite ice cream here from Cauldron, the earl grey lavender ice cream, I thought I would share my favorite spots for a sweet treat.

1. Cauldron Ice Cream

2.  Á la Minute

3. Afters Ice Cream

4. Spatel Desserts 

Mexico City, Mexico

Today I’m sharing my trip to the beautiful Mexico City! 🇲🇽   We purchased a national flight from TJ to Mexico City and arrived 10 minutes late to the airport where they would not let us through!!! We were stuck in TJ with all our luggage and it was seriously the worst experience ever. 😭 I’m traumatized, I’ve done that before but they always let me through or switch my tickets without charging me! We had to buy another ticket and stay in TJ, which happened to be kind of fun! My cousin has an aunt who lives there so we crashed at their place and got taken to eat some bomb tacos! Then we left on the next flight to Mexico and were on our way! ✈️

My aunt lives in Mexico City so she took us around to the most beautiful restaurants, places and we had a great time because of her! Below are some of the spots you have to visit when you go. Also, watch a full vlog of everything we did! Click Here To Watch!

1.Castillo De Chapultepec

2. Palacio de Bellas Artes

3. Pyramids of the Sun

4. La Gruta Restaurant

5. Museo De Frida Kahlo

6. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral





3 Trends You Can Mix Together. 

Hi everyone, happy August! August for me is all about taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone, trying out new things in my life! With that being said, Im not sure what it is about this outfit but it’s just one of those “cool girl” outfits and I’m all about it! It’s almost a trend overboard, but I’m trying something new out and I think it all works together perfectly. I’ve seriously only worn this hat a few times but I love it so much, I always try to incorporate it in an outfit but I end up changing my mind last minute. This time I’m glad I just went for it and I actually got a few compliments so I suppose it turned out good! 👍🏻 Big ruffled sleeves are trending this season a lot too and it’s such a fun detail. Now my jeans are so fun, I love the fit and style. I’m not sure what the statement trend of this outfit is…🤔 but I think these three make this outfit what it is!

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   Similar jeans

HB bag

My Favorite Hair Products.

Hello 🌞! I’ve been wanting to share my haircare routine because I have discovered so many new amazing products that actually do what they say! So let’s get right into it! I’ve organized it by numbers/colors to make it easier!

1. Hairburst vitamins. I must say I have noticed a big difference in my hair since taking them. My hair seems fuller and keeps getting longer! 🤗 I really don’t like my hair too long but I do like it full so these are doing it’s thang! 👍🏻 $56 for pack of two! (Direct Link Here)

2. Moroccan oil deep hydration mask (for colored hair). 💆🏼 This literally smells like everything that makes me happy! Vacation on a beach, sipping on a coconut 🌴 on an outside spa getting a massage. It smells Dee-Vineeee!! It also leaves my hair feeling so soft and the smell lingers in your hair! I always repurchase this baby! It’s my twice a month mask splurge! $43 (Direct Link Here)

3. It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. The texture of my hair definitely changes. I don’t have super fine hair but I definitely don’t have thick hair so every time I use this I feel like my hair is more thicker and stronger. I only use this a few times a week because this has a lot of keratin which could be damaging to your hair in large amounts according to my hair stylist. Regardless it’s an amazing product! 👌🏻$25 (Direct Link Here)

4. Schwarzkopf leave in conditioner. Another leave in conditioner I love! I switch from #3 to this one daily! This product smells amazing and makes my hair soft. Overall the price point is a lot lower which is always nice! $10 (Direct Link Here)

5. Proganix. Shampoo and conditioner. I am in love with this brand. Everything is made from natural ingredients. I’ve tried a few different sets of shampoo/conditioner they all smell different and sooo good! I’m not sure of an actual store you can buy them in but if you have amazon prime you’re all set for any you want to try! $13 for both! (Direct Link Here)

6. Proganix flat iron hydration. I got this one to try with the shampoo/conditioner. I don’t straighten my hair too often but when I did this product does what it says! 🙂🙃 It also smells good and the ingredients are just impressive! $19 (Direct Link Here)

7. Proganix anti-fade. This little bottle is my fifth one and how my obsession with this brand developed. A very good friend from work (Michelle😏 Asian bae) gifted it to me on my birthday and as soon as I tried it I basically went to hair heaven! I’ll shower, comb my hair, spray this magical spray, air dry and viola!!!!!! No frizz and it works even better when you blow dry your hair! After I’m done styling I’ll even spray some more because it’s not heavy on the hair and does not leave it oily at all!! I’m seriously head over heels for this little spray! 🤗🙏🏼 It’s my everyday product. $7 (Direct Link Here)

8. Proganix repair serum.  This is serum, a little goes a long way. This adds shine  and adds hydration to your hair instantly! I’m in love with it and I repurchase every time I’m running low because it’s an everyday item for me!!
Every item I’m sharing I use and love! I’ve seen results and continue to purchase them because of that. If you try any I know you won’t be disappointed! 💁🏼 $6 (Direct Link Here)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Elle! 💛

Skin Care Routine

I have been wanting to put together my skin care routine but to be completely honest it changes every time I run out of a product so I wasn’t sure what to share. I need to constantly change up the products I use or else I tend to break out, I know so weird but it does, so once I run out of a product I go for another one. Everyone’s skin is different so I have found that this works for me and my skin. I usually stick to certain brands for my everyday routine so I thought I’d share my current skin care products I’m using right now.  Simply go to the number/color to read what I think about the product or to purchase!



  1. Olay Regenerating cream facial cleanser. I use this to take off my makeup every single night! I am a crazy person when it comes to taking off my makeup every single night and I can’t sleep until I do! I can actually say I never sleep with my makeup on. I think it is the most important thing you could ever do for your skin especially your face! It’s pretty disgusting to leave all the makeup overnight or if you don’t wear makeup then all the oil and dirt from the day! I can not stress enough how important it is. That was always one thing I would do even as a little girl with my mom, wash the face. This cleanser does the trick for me, I use a small amount and do two facial washes to make sure all my makeup is off my face.$7 (Direct Link Here)
  2. Olay Oil Minimizing Clean Toner. I use this right after I wash my makeup off and usually brush my teeth while I wait for it to dry, it doesn’t take long. I apply this with a cotton ball and it removes any excess dirt or simply confirms I removed all my makeup. It removes impurities and evens the skin tone without stripping the skin from any essential moisture. I am actually loving this toner because once it dries my face still feels hydrated, some toners I’ve used leave my face feeling dry and in need of moisturizer. $5 (Direct Link Here)

  3.   Boots Expert Sensitive Hydrating Moisturizer. Simple moisturizer that never seems to run out. A little amount goes a long way and I always carry the product down to my neck. I purchased it at Target and since then I have not seen this brand there and I can’t seem to find it anywhere!!! I remember a Target beauty person was telling me it was a popular UK brand so maybe the UK decided to stop sharing it with us. .. Not sure how much, maybe they’ll restock.

  4. Mario Badescu, facial spray with aloe, herbs and rosewater. I love, loveeee this product!!! I spray it after I apply my lotion, after a face mask, after I shower, when I’ve had a long tiring day (with makeup on!). Seriously love how fresh my face feels and the smell takes me to a facial spa day! Highly recommend this product! It was a gift from a sweet friend of mine and I need to thank her for gifting it to me because I’m obsessed!!! $7 (Direct Link Here)
  5. Olay Regenerist Detoxifying Pore Scrub Cleanser. This stays in my shower and I love how fresh it smells and how fresh my face feels after. I take hot showers so the steam opens up my pores and then I use this scrub, it’s like I’m giving myself my very own facial in my shower. I don’t do this every single day I shower but maybe just three times a week.  $7 (Direct Link Here)

  6. Equate beauty night-time firming cream. I use this at night to replace my moisturizer, or sometimes I use both! I’m not sure if it’s firming but it does feel good on my face so that’s good! M night time creams always run out fast and I’m constantly trying out new ones! $9 (Direct Link Here)
  7. Blistex DCT Daily Conditioning Treatment SPF 20. I use this all the time and it leaves my lips feeling so soft. I also get easily sunburned and sometimes my lips too! It’s an issue I’ve always struggled with, I remember waking up to cracked, bleeding lips that hurt even after I applied chapstick. In highschool my mom would take me to the dermatologist for pimple cream and she recommended this chapstick because she said my lips were getting sunburned and since then I have the cure! $5 (Direct Link Here)


  1. Aura Cacia Organic Skin Care Castor Oil.  I hardly use this because I hate how sticky it feels on my face but sometime I’ll put it in the ends of my hair and and all over my face almost as a mask and shower it off. It’s supposed to be a replacement for your regular lotion but I just can’t. I do use it after wash off masks because this oil seems more moisturizing. If you have any tips on using this product send them my way! $4 (Direct Link Here)
  2. Mint Julep Masque. I love this mask! It smells amazing so that’s always a plus. It’s supposed to absorb any excess oils from the skin, when I wash it off it definitely feels very drying which is easily fixed by applying moisturizer. I love trying face masks in those small packets that you can find at Target, Forever 21, Homegoods, many stores have them in the beauty section! My favorite are the peel off masks because it does not require me to wash it off, less mess in my bathroom counter! $4 (Direct Link Here)
  3. Aivye black mask. This is for the nose and only the nose!!! I learned the hard way, I applied it way too close to my under eye area and cheek, I was crying trying to take it off! It works every time I use it it cleans my nose up and leaves it feeling super soft! $14 (Direct Link Here)
  4. ‘ExfoliKate’ Intensive Exfoliating Treatment. Oh my goodness, I got this as a sample from one of the Nordstrom Gals and I was warned that it was intense, I was shocked!! This seriously leaves my skin feeling so clean after, even moisturized! This does however sting a tiny bit on the face which is why I never rub aggressively. I have annoyingly sensitive skin and even bruise easily on my face if I scratch too hard or try to pop a pimple so when I first used this product my face was left like a irritated red tomato. Since then I scrub it in softly, it still leaves my cheeks a bit red but it goes away overnight. This scrub also dries any pimples I’ve popped! It’s amazing, just don’t overuse it because i’m pretty sure it scrubs off a layer of skin! $24 (Direct Link Here) Worth every penny!!
  5. Mario Badescu whitening mask. This mask does not literally whiten your skin, it brightens up the color of your skin so it reduces uneven skin tones. It also cleans and tightens pores having a mild clay based formulation. I always repurchase this mask because it works! I think I need to try all of Mario Badescu’s products because I have a feeling I’ll love them all! $24 (Direct Link Here)

Thanks for stopping by! Love, Elle!

Also, Book of the month, Southernmost, continuing the love story of Southern Solstice. My boyfriend got it for me and it makes it that more special! I adore this love story and I recommend it to all of you hopeless romantics out there! So throw on a facial mask and cozy up to read this book! Hope you enjoy! Purchase here!



Summer outfit!

Hello everyone💙 I am seriously in love with these shots with little Monaco. He’s so crazy and full of energy it’s hard to ever have a shoot with him but this day was a major success! Shooting by the carousel I thought this dress fit in perfectly with the vibrant colors of the horses. I actually don’t own any cobalt blue items and I got this one at ZARA’s big sale but I just think this color and style of dress is the perfect edition to your spring/summer wardrobe. I paired my dress with a yellow bandana scarf and my hot pink bag keeping my shoes nude. This is a perfect look for the fair simply switch out the shoes for some cute little sneakers and you’re all set! Monaco’s accessories are all from Henri Bendel because I adore their cute doggy accessories! 🙊😍 That completes today’s look!

Love, Elle.

Dress- Sold out Cute sleeveless blue chambray dress. + Spaghetti strap, flowy dress. + Flared mini dress, a little more dressy. + Collar dress with beautiful details, splurge!

Shoes- Hinge

Scarf- Amazon

Bag- Henri Bendel all sold out.

Leash/ collar – HB Leash! + HB Collar!DSC_0981.jpgdsc_0930dsc_0957dsc_0954dsc_0974DSC_0986.jpgDSC_0980.jpg

Tularosa Dress

The sun is shining in California…finally, I was beginning to miss the sun….just a tiny bit!! I just love all the cold weather and rainy days but I was happy to wear a dress and my suede boots once again! I found this amazing little dress from Revolve clothing, the embroidery detail on this dress is just the cutest thing ever. It also has pockets which make this dress a million times better! This dress would be perfect for those summer nights as well. I threw on my favorite OTK boots because they looked great with the dress and are incredibly comfortable. I seriously scored with these boots, comfortable and so freaking cute!! I also grabbed my favorite leather jacket I’ve had for years, it makes every outfit an instant ‘cool girl’ outfit! That’s all for my outfit, thanks for stopping by!

Love, Elle.

Tularosa ( Revolve- on sale! )

Leather Jacket ( BlankNYC )

Boots ( Amazon )

Bag -Sold out, so sorry!dsc_0679dsc_0685dsc_0692dsc_0722dsc_0745dsc_0747