Elle’s Story

I began this website thanks to my 10 year old self and here is why….. I have always loved writing in a diary ever since I was maybe 10 years old (I think Lizzie Mcguire inspired me as a kid to keep a diary) a lot of pages in my diary were dedicated to style inspiration where I would include cut outs from magazines. These cut outs from magazines were not only style inspiration pictures but honestly anything that inspired me, sometimes they were scenic pictures or sometimes they were bedroom ideas, honestly anything that I wanted to keep looking at made it into my journal. This little hobby of mine continued into middle school where I discovered my love for creating, I enjoyed drawing and would always include my pieces in my little journal. I remember drawing pictures from magazines instead of cutting them out to make my journal feel more like only my journal. Anyways, going into highschool I would every so often take time to write in my journal but probably drew more than I wrote. While I was attending community college I took a photography class where I began to become fascinated with the idea of creating anything I wanted all through pictures. I also like that one picture can bring back so many sweet memories, a picture really can capture a whole moment.I have officially graduated from university, I have been realizing I am so lucky to have so many special adventures good and bad, small and big all throughout my short lifetime that I would like to document as well as share. These adventures include everything! My style inspiration, my personal style, my love of traveling, DIY ideas and my thoughts on….well anything.

And So It Began…….