Portland, Oregon

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Mexico City, Mexico

Today I’m sharing my trip to the beautiful Mexico City! 🇲🇽   We purchased a national flight from TJ to Mexico City and arrived 10 minutes late to the airport where they would not let us through!!! We were stuck in TJ with all our luggage and it was seriously the worst experience ever. 😭 I’m traumatized, I’ve done that before but they always let me through or switch my tickets without charging me! We had to buy another ticket and stay in TJ, which happened to be kind of fun! My cousin has an aunt who lives there so we crashed at their place and got taken to eat some bomb tacos! Then we left on the next flight to Mexico and were on our way! ✈️

My aunt lives in Mexico City so she took us around to the most beautiful restaurants, places and we had a great time because of her! Below are some of the spots you have to visit when you go. Also, watch a full vlog of everything we did! Click Here To Watch!

1.Castillo De Chapultepec

2. Palacio de Bellas Artes

3. Pyramids of the Sun

4. La Gruta Restaurant

5. Museo De Frida Kahlo

6. Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral





San Diego, California (Day Trip)

I had a Portland trip planned this weekend but our flights were canceled because of the weather conditions out there. I was extremely excited about the Portland trip and had our itinerary planned and everything but the weather was out of my hands so we headed out to San Diego as a last minute getaway. Thanks to my trip cancellation I discovered a few beautiful spots in San Diego and just had to share with you all! Links to the items pictured in this post are down below!

Harbor- My new favorite spot for breakfast/brunch in San Diego. It’s not only incredibly photogenic but it also has some pretty bomb food! I felt like I was having a moment from Ratatouille haha!  I had chilaquiles but I don’t even like other chilaquiles that aren’t made by my momma but these were basically identical in taste! dsc_1103dsc_1110dsc_1113

Little Italy- After breakfast we were right smack in the middle of little Italy and obviously we had to take a little walk of exploration. We ran into Piazza Basilone a tribute to Basilone a Marine that fought for his country with so much courage, strength, and honor. They had the most beautiful world fountain made of mosaic tiles!dsc_1119dsc_1130dsc_1131dsc_1142dsc_1158dsc_1159dsc_1160dsc_1161

Cafe Gratitude- This spot is beautiful definitely took home some inspiration for my future home! I loved the ambiance, the greenery, everything about it was perfection. We only had a small snack but it’s bookmarked in my yelp app!

Balboa Park- Seriously one of my favorite parks. It gives me major nostalgia from being in Madrid and taking little walks around the city after meetings and eating at amazing little restaurants. This park offers around 13 museums and has a few different street performers as well, I could spend the whole day here! dsc_1223dsc_1225dsc_1237dsc_1241dsc_1246dsc_1264dsc_1284dsc_1291dsc_1303

Rooftop – It was starting to sprinkle but I just had to head out to a pretty little rooftop lounge before we left for the day!

Yes, I totally did an outfit change depending on the weather and place!! Thanks for checking out this post, hope you enjoyed it! If you’re interested links below on some on the items pictured in this post!

Love, Elle!! Kisses!!!

Dress- Sooo old!! Favorite little silk lemon dress./OTK Boots – Amazon/ Sweater- Brandy Melville/ Beanie- H&M/ Chanel pin-ChanelBag- Henri Bendel/ Umbrella-  Henri Bendel similar one (Not available online but is available in store!)/ Brown Booties- Nordstrom & on sale!!!

Venice Beach, California

I haven’t posted on this travel tab lately and I’m so sad! I actually have gone on a few mini getaways in CA but it’s been so hot where I’ve been going it’s humanly impossible for me to stop and take pictures of anything! I’ve also been just lounging around poolside so there’s not much to document but I finally went on a one day trip to Venice and did so many fun things I had to share! I’ve been to Venice a few time before but it’s mostly just to visit a friend where we usually just head to the beach or hang out at their house so I never actually explored Venice like I did today. We left early and headed straight to Abbot Kinney blvd to ‘The Butcher’s Daughter Juice bar & Cafe’ where I fell in love with the interior design and basically planned how my future home will look. I loved the bohemian look with the white wood, wooden plates, green plants, and the rose gold ohhhh the rose gold seriously gave it the perfect touch. Besides being beautiful the food and drinks were delicious.




After eating we walked outside to shop and explore, we happened to go a day there was a festival so there were so many boutique type clothing booths set up, handmade jewelry shops, there was everything!! I obviously had to buy a few beautiful things!dsc_8426

We then started to make our way down to the famous Venice sign where we discovered amazing murals all over huge walls that were so picture worthy….like how could you come to Venice beach and not take pictures here! It’s a must do!


We rented some bikes and made our way to probably the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen! The Venice canals, I’ve been to Rome, Italy (it’s very special to my heart and happens to be my very first post here on my blog) but never made it to Venezia and for that I seriously regret so much and after visiting these canals I can only imagine how much more beautiful the real Venice is. Definitely on my bucket list for 2017.


After walking our bikes through this beautiful canal, can you believe we biked all the way to Santa Monica pier!? It didn’t take too long and I would definitely do it again preferably on a more chilly day! Last stop was a restaurant called Salt Air where we were basically dehydrated and dying from that bike ride! I only managed to take a picture of our seriously beyond delicious fish we ate but it was gone in a few minutes!dsc_8568dsc_8608dsc_8620

That sums up my photo diary of my one day trip to Venice beach, California. I also made a super fast video of everything.If you’re planning on visiting California, definitely a must see! Email/comment if you have any questions I always reply! Hope you enjoy! 🙈

New York, New York

(I tried squeezing every single picture from my trip and that meant shrinking a million of them. If a picture is too small you can click on it to enlarge.)

Day One

Arrived pretty late but ventured out to Times Square.

Day Two

Woke up rather but late but went to have breakfast which was a hibiscus donut and blueberry smoothie. Then it was off to The Rockefeller where I got some amazing shots of the city from way up in the sky. The view was breathtaking! After that we grabbed some pizza and ventured once again to Times Square for some shopping.

Day Three

Had breakfast at the cutest little spot ever where the walls were painted bright yellow, so different from all the buildings here. Had some delish brunch because once again, woke up late heading out the door at 11 but either way the food was sooo good! Then it was off to The Met passing central park where I got some ice cream swirl with sprinkles, my fav! My favorite part of this museum had to be the fashion, top designers displayed their creations and it was beyond beautiful and amazing how much detail goes into creating a masterpiece. Then of course after the museum closed we strolled through central park to get to shake shack where omg the food was everything I could’ve asked for at that very moment. After eating at Shake Shack it was some more exploring of the stores and park.


Day Four

It was Raining therefore making it a perfect day for a museum, The Natural History Museum to be exact. So much history about Earth it was definitely quite interesting and it basically lasted all day. After the museum Shake Shack was so near by it was calling our names so Shake Shake for dinner!

Day Five

Had brunch at John’s wife Freda and it was sooo good and different from any kind of brunch I’ve ever had. Passed Chinatown where I purchased a little red dress from a nice little old man and I’m wearing it next year for Lunar New Year. You can’t go to New York without visiting the 9/11 memorial, it is a day that should never be forgotten, thousands of people died or were affected by this terrorist attack and it was so sad to something like that happened but our flag stands high and we were all united during this time. Although it is a sad museum the memorial which replaced the twin towers is beautiful and very peaceful. For dinner we had seafood, fish burger and fish tacos. Definitely hit the spot after so much walking. After dinner on our way back to the hotel we ran into The Grand Central Train Station pictured in so many movie scenes.


Day Six

Literally went shopping all day and to watch a play in the evening. Probably one of my favorite days! The play was beyond incredible, it felt like I was in it being so close to the stage. The play was The King and I, when I was little I watched the movie over and over because I loved it and this play was amazing.

Day seven

We to the central park zoo where the cartoon Madagascar takes place in and loved it! I think I have this new obsession with zoos, they’re so much fun! After the zoo it was off to the yankee game where the food was so good! I had a hot dog, nachos, lemonade and a smoothie! Such a fun day, we all had great seats too!!


Day Eight

Last day made it out to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. Once again a museum that was very interesting on Ellis Island called The immigration museum. If you’ve watched Brooklyn film this museum will make you think of that film! It’s all about European immigrants and what some families went through. Kind of rushed this museum because we had reservations for Bergdorf Goodman tea! I am obsessed and in love with tea houses, with the actual tea, the sweets, and the whole ambiance. It’s definitely “my scene”!! So when I heard Bergdorf had afternoon tea I made reservations and loved every second of my time there. Possibly sat in the seat  where one of Sex in the City actresses, Gossip Girl actresses, Jackie Kennedy have sat in! Everything was delicious, another one of my favorite things I did. Then it was time to head back home.



Seattle, Washington

Day one

Arrived in Seattle at 11 in the afternoon and immediately went exploring after eating at lowell’s, inside Pike Place Market. We went to the second floor and enjoyed some brunch overlooking the pier of Seattle. After we ate we walked around the market admiring every single flower stand! We headed on over to the Seattle Aquarium where we saw so many animals, first time being in an aquarium and I must say I enjoyed it. Once we saw every single exhibit we went on a boat tour, it was so cold but so worth it! For dinner we ate at the pink door, only way to get there is through the pink door. Food was bomb, restaurant’s interior design was diverse. The last thing on our list was the ferris wheel.DSC_4074.jpg






Day Two

The second day was full of beautiful sights! Had to go inside of the very first Nordstrom that was five floors high, biggest Nordstrom yet! We also came across this very innovative area of food trucks, I thought it was such an interesting thing to have and there were so many people getting their lunch there. Our next stop had to be Pike’s place market once again only to look at all of the flowers from that day. I of course created my very own bouquet and my theme was lavender and dark purples. Then it was off to Chihuly museum, I have always been extremely fascinated by art but this was something else. I have never seen anything like this and I was inspired by all the bright colors and the actual process of creating these glass sculptures is beyond amazing, the creativity, patience and confidence has to be on another level. I love how Chihuly puts his masterpiece somewhere not expected turning something ordinary into something phenomenal. His work is actually all over the world and I would love to see it all! The museum also has the most quaint little cafe called The Collections Cafe where Chihuly has a bunch of random things he collects. Super random but the food was good and it was fun to sit there and look through all his collection and we even made fifty bucks there by completing a survey! We had dinner at Salty’s where the food was delicious and the view from our table was magical.








Day three.

It was Zoo exploring time! So much fun and I can not begin to explain how fun this random day was. Every single animal knew we were coming and hung out with us it was pretty cool! We had lunch there and it was delish! That basically lasted the whole day. For dinner we went up the space needle and enjoyed our dinner while the space needle revolved in circles very slowly. Hands down without a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever eaten in my life where not only is the food undescribable but the view was unreal. It was definitely a pinch me please kind of moment. Later that night we then went salsa dancing in the most crazy place ever! Such a classy dance studio full of amazing dancers from every single ethnicity, I was amazed and maybe a little intimidated. It was a pretty unforgettable last night in Seattle.




Day Four.

Our very last day we had brunch at the cutest little tea house, Queen Mary’s Tea Room. So yummy! e then walked over to the nearest park where we got on a paddle boat and just relaxed. After that we headed over to Percy’s & Co to much on some appetizers and have an ice cold drink because it was so darn hot!! Once again the food didn’t disappoint, it never seemed to disappoint. One last stop to Pike place to pick out some flowers where I was given a bouquet for free and purchased another one. I came home with flowers from Seattle and I was beyond excited to get home and arrange them all in my big blue vase.






Seattle is must see!

Love, Elle.

Rosarito, Mexico

Rosarito, Mexico was my trip for the month of March and it was so much fun! To be honest I was a little scared of going but once I was there it wasn’t scary. We spent our weekend walking around and trying the different kinds of food. One thing I definitely wanted to do was ride a horse or camel and we did just that! Seriously the funnest little getaway that’s nearby. I separated my pictures in three categories Pretty scenes, food, and my camel picture overload!

Pretty Scenes.

All the beautiful scenes were so photogenic I had to take advantage of this photo opportunity. Some by the sea, others on top of pretty little buildings or inside ridiculously cool restaurants! The decoration was insane and probably took forever to put together.



Puerto Nuevo was our first stop and that was for some delicious lobster!! After that we ventured into the city by feet and tried these drinks put into handmade clay cups. Later on while we were walking around the beach we had some “tostilocos” for my first time and I seriously cannot begin to describe the taste or how much I loved them! For dinner we stopped by a restaurant called “El Nido” where the ambiance is so cool and the food is probably the best restaurant in Rosarito since there’s always a line! So worth it we came back our last day for breakfast.


Camel Overload.
Sorry for the camel picture overload but I couldn’t resist! They are all so cool!!
Can’t wait for my next adventure….

Love, Elle

Savannah, Georgia

Day One: The Florence & Topdeck

Our first night in Savannah we ate at a Italian restaurant called The Florence and the menu consisted of traditional dishes in Florence. Of course we had to try some pasta and it was delicious!! After dinner we headed over to Topdeck bar and had drinks on a rooftop lounge overlooking Savannah. I have to say it was a perfect little first day.


Day Two: The Collins Quarter & Forsyth Park & The Paris Market & The Mansion Bar

Now day two we walked over to The Collins Quarter to eat breakfast and it was pretty much freezing on our walk there but we made it. The food there was de-lish-ous!!!!After breakfast we made our way to Forsyth Park but had to stop along the way to take pictures of all the beautiful Savannah trees, it’s like there’s a park on every street with benches, flowers and I loved it. Forsyth Park had everything and it was a pretty big park, I believe during the summer they have mini concerts there and there are little cafe’s as well. The we wanted to check out The Paris Market where they had macaroons and cute little trinkets all over the store. We then went to walk down River street where you can walk, shop and eat along the river. Once the sun went down we decided to eat at The grey and the lighting was horrible there so I couldn’t take a picture of my food but it was probably one of the best meals I had in Savannah. After dinner we headed over to The Mansion on Forsyth Park to have a drink and we were surprised to find live music and the ambiance was just what we wanted and my sister and I danced and sang our way into her 15th birthday.

Day Three: Sightseeing & Birthday Photoshoot

Our third day we ate macaroons for breakfast and bagel and found a little antique store where we found a few gems After breakfast we went home for a nap because we were walking all day on the second day. After our nap we headed over to Forsyth Park to have a mini photoshoot for my sister’s birthday. Later we had dinner at The olde Pink but it was literally only lit up by candles so once again our food was not able to come out in our pictures but it was delicious and so different eating in this super old restaurant.

Day Four: B And D Burgers & Byrd’s

The fourth day was our last day and the weather was amazing, we were pretty bummed out we were leaving the day the sun and wind decide to be perfect. For breakfast we actually went to starbucks and just ordered bagels and matcha tea because we weren’t that hungry. We ate at B and D Burgers while a band played country music and I loved every second of it! We shared some nachos and they were so good! Everything about this burger joint was so country I would definitely come back. After this we headed over to the airport and went home. Oh, I also found these beautiful pieces of jewels from a random little boutique that were handmade. I love little shops like this one (it’s name was Sparkle).



Male Ciche, Poland

Male Ciche pronounced mawa chicka was soooo breathtaking, there wasn’t much to do except go hiking and try new food. We went for a conference therefore we were extremely busy and one week was not enough time to go exploring. We did enjoy the scenery though, that’s for sure! All these houses look like little cottages but are massive inside!

Hope you enjoy my pictures!

Love, Elle.


London, England


Oh, the city of London. It’s so fast pace here when walking down the streets I couldn’t help but walk fast as well so that the person behind me won’t get frustrated (haha). We actually purchased a city tour bus that was the best thing ever because we got to see all of London with the luxury of hopping on and off the buses whenever we wanted. There were so many cute little tea spots on every corner. We had to try one of them so I choose this one because I thought it was decorated in such a unique way. Everything was delicious. We of course went shopping but tried to refrain since pounds are actually more than dollars therefore when purchasing a $10 shirt it’s actually $20. Such a posh, cute little city! Definitely a must see!!

Here are some pictures of my trip.

Love, Elle.

IMG_4475IMG_4478IMG_4497IMG_4502IMG_4505IMG_4509IMG_4582IMG_4676IMG_4682IMG_4731IMG_4761IMG_4778IMG_4790IMG_4793IMG_4796IMG_4867IMG_4868IMG_4870IMG_4878 1IMG_4901IMG_5042IMG_5053IMG_5156 Continue reading