How To Find The Perfect Man

Hello lovelies, do you remember being a little girl and watching those Disney classics where Prince Charming is everything from cute to perfect in basically every single way, making the princess swoon. I definitely grew up wishing for my Prince Charming. I’m here to tell you a perfect man does not exist! 🙈 Sorry ladies to mislead you with the title. The truth is no one is perfect, if you’re human you will always make some kind of mistake in life at some point. There might not be a perfect man out there but there is a man that is perfect FOR you.  I wanted to give you some advice on finding someone who can be perfect for you. I’m no expert but I am happy 🤔…. so I wanted to share what I think led me to finding someone who is perfect for me. I do have to warn you… there’s a lot of my personal love story so if you don’t like that sort of thing do not continue reading. I won’t even know if you stop right now. 😉 img_8030
1. Be ready. I’m going to be honest I haven’t really ever had a real boyfriend along with the whole relationship, I  just went on dates every now and then that wouldn’t go very far. When I was dating a guy who asked me to be his girlfriend I would either run the other way or say yes but would end it within like two months. (This happened like twice in my life!) I was so young I wasn’t ready for a real relationship and everything that comes with that. If you’re scared or a little unsure then you’re not ready and he’s probably not going to be the perfect man for you.

When Felix came into my life I wasn’t ready for him and had plans of finishing school, going to bible school, and he waited around. He had just enough persistence, patience, love and I was ready along the way. Now we have plans to finish whatever else I wanted to do together. If I would’ve gave in earlier who knows, maybe I would’ve ran away just like before. I knew I was ready when I said yes to being his girlfriend and haven’t regretted since. img_8033

2.  Be Open. Once you feel like you’re ready to get in a relationship and you finally get asked out or start talking to someone, just be open. I have friends are who looking for Mr. Perfect and say no to guys because they wear a certain type of shoe, they are too tall, too short, crazy things like that and I tell them all the time to be open and give a guy a chance.

To be honest I was the exact same way! I was that horrible girl who ghosted on guys or played those texting games which eventually ended in me getting over it within a week! The day I was open and gave Felix a chance I was blown away by his heart and his love for everyone that all those materialistic, vane things vanished. I remember Felix always wore vans and Tshirts and it drove me crazy because I don’t like vans or tshirts and I, at the beginning of our dating life, wanted to end it because of that. Haha 😅 so happy I didn’t!! After you get past those stupid things we can get to number 3👇🏼. img_8028

3. Be Honest. Being honest has to be number one in starting that relationship. You can’t start out a relationship by lying to someone or yourself. Just be real with that person and you’ll receive honesty in return.

I took those little things that bothered me and I let Felix know.  For instance the whole Tshirt and vans situation, after a few months of dating I slowly started being honest with Felix about the shoes and his casual outfits. I sent him pictures of cute outfit inspirations and made it a big deal whenever he did get a little more dressed up with those button up shirts or nice leather, suede shoes. All I wanted was classy, casual man. I did it very slowly with his feelings always guiding my every word. Turns out Felix loved how he felt getting dressed up on the regular and was tossing those sneakers at the back of his closet.

Being honest can be so tough and takes a lot of practice for some. For me it was so hard and kind of weird actually and I think it drove Felix crazy frustrated. I never told him how I felt above us and he was constantly asking me. One thing that I would do is keep our relationship a secret from my parents, church life and social media. I think I did it because I have little girls at church that I feel look up to me and always light up when they see me at the meetings, even until today, so I wanted to be a good example to them. They follow me on social media and I didn’t want to set a bad example for them. After telling Felix that, he completely understood and agreed with me. So being honest takes the win! Fast-forward to now-we’ve opened up to our church about us dating and the little girls that I have always thought about are always telling me how cute Felix and I are together. Lol I adore them. img_8034

4. End It Sooner than Later. Contrary to being open, always know when it’s time to end it. One of my only rules was he had to believe in God because if he doesn’t there will be nothing but arguments in the future. I took it a step further and only wanted a man that was nondenominational Christian, I wanted a Jesus believing man who wanted a relationship with God, simple and easy, if he was any other religion I’d be gone as soon as I found out. If there’s one thing you feel very strongly about then it’s better to be true to yourself and avoid problems in the future and let them know now. If it’s early on then they will understand.

(Mini story time-Felix getting baptized and becoming that nondenominational Christian man who started a relationship with God) For me, Felix was not ever religious but believed in God so there was a little foundation. He was also extremely open and interested in being a part of my life that is so important to me. He slowly started coming to my bible studies and reading the Bible himself even started bringing his sweet mom. I could see he was absolutely falling in love with God and who God was. He was always so impressed and I adored him whenever he would share any type of enjoyment with me or even asked me any questions regarding something he didn’t understand from the Bible. It may have been because of me at first but he was slowly discovering there was so much more than just going to church on Sundays. Then one random meeting he stood up and announced he wanted to be baptized. That same day we went to my backyard and he was baptized in the pool. The day he was baptized my heart softened, what am I kidding? My heart completely and entirely melted, towards him. Soon after he left he didn’t text me until the next day because he said he went home, was overwhemled with so many feelings that he was just praying to God until he fell asleep. I knew then at that moment I was meant for him and him for me and haven’t doubted it since then. 

Oh and his sweet momma also got baptized!! A different day then Felix but I love that we are a family in Christ! 😍img_8029

5. Pray. This next little advice is the most important if you believe in God and want a marriage that is covered by the church and God. To pray for your future boyfriend/husband.
(Here’s a little personal testimony.) I, before Felix had an amazing relationship with God and have felt him in every aspect of my life always moving so I always prayed to God to give me someone he wants not someone I want. So basically my prayer went something like, “Lord Jesus I want what you want, not what I want”. In reality the Lord is sweet and knows what we need so he wouldn’t give us someone we don’t like. Anyway, as soon as Felix came into the picture I started praying about him as a friend, that he would be a man who knows Him because there was no way I would date him if he didn’t.  I knew he liked me and I felt bad because I was not at that point but I liked hanging out with my cousin so it was always a group date for the longest time! During our group dates I got to know his heart and what an amazing friend and person he was. As soon as I started getting feelings I started praying even more about my feelings and started praying with my closest friends. I didn’t want to be his girlfriend because of so many reason within me that God really worked out. I remember talking to someone I looked up to growing up at church, confessing to her I wanted my relationship to be perfect, I was crying because I was frustrated at the timing of Felix coming into my life. Let’s just say I planned my life and had a special timeline where love was supposed to fall in. Lol She told me there is no perfect way and everyone has their own love story. As long as you give it to God and honor him in every way you possibly can then it just YOUR version of a love story. Nothing and no one is perfect and God has a perfect timing for those who honor and love him. Until this day I still pray about Felix and about our relationship all alone, with others, and especially with Felix. I feel God in our relationship covering us, blessing us, just taking care of us. It all starts with prayer. img_8032
So there you go ladies, there’s my advice if you choose to take it into consideration, it’s up to you but you’ve made it this far for a reason I think. 😋😉 I wish you all the best! 😘 kisses and love!

Love, Elle.

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Top 7 Activities In My Fall Bucket List

Hello, hello, we meet again. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that it is October soon to be November, which means it is my anniversary with Felix! It’s about to be four years of being officially together and it doesn’t even feel like that long! Just crazy how time flies! Then after that it’ll be the new year before ya know it! In honor of boyfriends and relationships I wanted to make my very own bucket list of things to do with your boo this October/November! 🤗 Personally these kind of posts are my favorite to read and I find so many cool spots to head to for the first time. Here’s my personal bucket list!

1. Pumpkin Carving/Decorating. Every year Felix and I try to find cute pictures we want to carve on our pumpkins. Last year we had it at my house with both our families and everyone dressed up in their costume! You’re guaranteed to have a fun time with your love and family.

2. Pumpkin patch! Not only is fun to eat some food, play some games and pick up some pumpkins but there are also great photo ops! It is probably the most Fall activity you could and should do! img_7992

3. Go up to the mountains. My parents just bought their very first second home and home where they want to retire to and it happens to be in Big Bear!! They still have about two years or so until they retire officially so the cabin is up there, fully furnished just waiting. We will definitely be taking a few trips up this year. Most likely spending thanksgiving and christmas up there too with my family and Felix’s family too! I’m hoping it snows! ❄️

4. Hot air balloon. I’ve never gotten on a hot air balloon but have always wanted to! I bet the view and experience would be just.. wow! I’m hoping this year I can cross it off my list! img_7998

5. Fall photo session. Every year Felix and I attend a Marine gala event where I find a pretty ball gown and Felix wears his dress blues. He always looks so handsome and truly looks like Prince Charming, I always tell him our children are going to think mommy and daddy were prince and princess when they look at our pictures.  Last year we had our very first photo session and I definitely want them this year again!

6. Cozy up. I want to get all cozy and comfy wrapped in a million blankets with my love and some hot cocoa and just talk about our dreams and future. It’s my favorite conversation to have with Felix.

7. Disneyland! Go to Disneyland or the Disneyland Halloween event! It always feels like Fall at Disneyland with all their decorations! We love taking Felix’s niece every year and we always have so much fun!!! We are excited every year to go back and find our costumes! This year we were Spider Family! img_7987

Some of these I’ve already done and look forward doing every year! It’s a great way to spend time with family and your special someone! Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Elle.

11 Things You Can Do For Yourself |Mental Health Day 

Today is world mental health day. We live in a world that is so caught up in social media where we wake up and grab our phones right away. We live in a world where depression is a normal occurrence and the main source of those feelings is technology, comparing yourself to someone, when you don’t even know that person is unhappy as well. Today we need start practicing to do things we love, not check our social media every 20 minutes and practice living in the moment. Look at the world around us and be a participant in the world. Take a run or walk to get your endorphins going. Practice being patient because what you want to do is most likely going to take time to get there. Just a thought. 💭 I wanted to share 20 things you can do for your mind and self that will keep you happy and ready for anything.

  1. Work Hard. Work hard for what you want, nothing is going to be just given to you. It will take time and dedication. All you need to do is start.
  2. Organize. Keeping things clean around you is always an easy thing to practice in your everyday life. Not only will you be able to find what you’re looking for in the morning but it will make you feel so good and ready to conquer the day!
  3. Eye Contact. Eye contact builds confidence in yourself and helps you make connections with others. It also makes you appear more trustworthy, self-aware, and self assured. It can be a little awkward for you at first but it’ll get easier!
  4. Try Something New. Trying something new is always such a fun thing to do. It can be anything from taking a painting class, workout class, planning a trip – I mean anything! Experiencing new things leads to increased productivity, renewed creativity, newfound perspectives, fun memories, and a fun story to tell.
  5. Practice Self-Kindness. Self-kindness can be hard to obtain, I find that I most hard on myself before anyone else. It takes practice and self awareness to be kind to your own self. Take one day and really observe your habits, behaviors, and thought process – are you kind to yourself? If you find you’re being rough with your self, try replacing with something you love. Look in the mirror and give yourself a compliment, if there’s one person you should be able to rely on, it’s yourself.
  6. Sweat. Sweating is a great to feel good, it energizes from the inside to the outside! It’s a great way to get your endorphins running and makes you feel way happier.
  7. Journal. Journaling is so awesome, take time in the morning or at night to make just jot down five things that you accomplished or are grateful for. When you’re done with your list you’ll feel so proud and happy of what you are achieving on a daily basis.
  8. Make Your Bed. Making your bed in the morning literally takes five minutes!! I do it while I am brushing my teeth and it makes my room look clean instantly.
  9. Read A Book.Reading is one the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. I like it because a book has the power to take your mind to another place in time, country, story that is not yours. It’s such a powerful way to disengage from the real world.
  10. Please & Thank You. Saying please and thank you and actually mean it every time you say it. Look in the eyes of whomever is helping you out and say it to them. Not only will the other person feel valued but it’s such a small easy gesture.
  11. Think Before You Speak. Thinking before you speak can be tough sometimes, I know whenever I’m angry at someone I just want to say what immediately pops into my head which isn’t the nicest. Having two sisters I can tell you I’ve definitely practiced this, sometimes the best thing to say is nothing. Once I cool down and really think about what I feel I talk to them and no one’s feelings get hurt.

Thank you stopping by and I hope you left with some inspiration.

Love, Elle.

Why you NEED an agenda in your life! 

Okay, let’s be real… having an agenda can seem so unnecessary especially when we have technology at our fingertips but today I am here to tell you to put that technology down so I can tell you why you need an agenda in your life! 😉

1. Stress relieving. I don’t know if you have ever used one of those adult coloring books, painted, journaled or read a book lately but if you haven’t you should because it can be quite relaxing. Everything mentioned above can be somewhat therapeutic for your mind. Taking time on the weekend to organize your thoughts and create something pretty on a piece of paper is just as close.

2. Be creative. Being creative or attempting to be can be so fun! You can find cute stickers, washy tape, fun stamps and a million other adorable agenda accessories at almost every store from the dollar tree, target, even amazon!

3. Keeps you organized. Staying organized is probably priority when it comes to keeping an agenda! If you’re in school then this is seriously the most important reason to have an agenda! When I was in school I would organize every assignment in my agenda as soon as I downloaded the syllabus at the beginning of the semester! Along with reminders of when the assignment was due! I was never late on any assignment!  (Tip* I would buy erasable colored pens in case the syllabus was altered during the semester.) 

4. It’s cute, duh!  Everything mentioned above is important but a fun reason to have an agenda is well…. because it’s cute, duh! 🤗 There are soooo many adorable agendas out there so finding one you love will be easy!! If you love it, you’ll use it!
Even if you’re not in school you will benefit from having one because you can stay organized for work, your blog and just life events! Hope you give in and just get that agenda you want for 2018, I definitely will!

Here are some of my favorite items!

Brittany Fuson Planner pictured here! && I’ll be buying again!
Neiman Marcus.

Five Habits Of A Confident Woman 

It’s almost the end of this year and if there’s something I’ve learned it’s how to be a more confidant woman. I thought I’d share five habits that can help you be more confident too. As well as some inspo for a transition Fall look! Well let’s get right into the habits! 

1. Seek Challenges. Not everything you do will be a piece of cake, and that’s OK, so don’t let challenges stop you. If there’s something you want to do, like maybe start up that blog you’ve been thinking about or change your career path, start that new workout class, it’s never too late! I’ve found if that’s where your passion is you’re most likely to succeed and be happy while doing it. If it’s not what you thought it would be, don’t give up, keep going and learn from your mistakes to eventually get where you want to be. 

2. Do NOT compare yourselves to others. This can be such a toxic habit to have and these days it can be so easy to fall in this habit. Instead of comparing and feeling jealous of what other girls have you can make the choice of supporting women, networking with them. You might even spark a brand new friendship. Getting inspired by other women is a much better habit to have! I love finding gorgeous girls who have similar styles as I do and following along in their life I always get inspired to try a new look or visit a new place!  

3. Make Goals. Making goals is so important but simply deciding you want a new car can seem so impossible, you have to have steps in achieving that goal. So you can start with saving a certain amount each month until you get the amount you need for that new car. Trust me! Once you mark that first check mark in the very first step to a new car or whatever it is you want, you gain a bar of confidence in your life! 

4. Respect others and yourself. Okay, this is so important in every women’s life. I think respecting others should be a part of everyone’s life and if done, it would stop so many fights in our world but I suppose it’s easier said then done. 

I’ve never been one to say anything negative about another girl or person in general. Maybe it’s the Jesus living in me or the desire to be a righteous women in the eyes of God, like Noah, being right with God and right with man he found favor in the eyes of God because of his righteousness. Who am I to push down another person for any reason at all even behind their backs. I will always respect others upfront and behind their back. 

Then there is respecting yourself, be confident in who you are, what you believe in and always think twice about making decisions. One simple way of respecting yourself is by elliminating cuss words from your vocabulary I’ve never been one to use them and I’ve found that it’s keeps me positive in my everyday life which has led to confidence. 

5. Fake it and you’ll make it. Oh my goodness, this is definitely something to live by! Recently I went from working in an office, sitting on a desk, in front of a computer almost ALL day, being basically all to my self besides meetings to all of a sudden, working with children! I’m pretty good with kids but I’m not great so I was so nervous! I had a week of intensive training to prepare but still felt totally unprepared! Lol Receiving my very first patient was the scariest thing of my life but I knew the parents didn’t know their child was my first patient so what did I do? You guessed it. I faked it and I’ve made it, so cheesey but it’s true. I went in feeling so nervous but with practice and time, I’m confident in what I’m doing. Never go in doubting yourself because your mind is so powerful and can bring you down. Instead go in telling yourself “you can” and you’ll do great in whatever you do. 
Habits 1, 3, and 5 are ones I’ve experienced this year intensely and the others are just a part of my everyday life. My list of habits can go on so I’ll have to share more later but for now you can try these out and let me know how they work for you! 😉 

As always, thank you for stopping by and I hope you follow along to get more inspo in life and style! 😘 Love, Elle. 


Hat: Forever 21

Skirt: Similar Mine is actually a dress. 

Sweater: Similar. A little more thin.  Similar. A little more chunky. 

Shoes: older and could not find anything relatively similar. Sorry guys! This is a simple sandal with low heel.

Bag: Henri Bendel. All sold out. Similar.

6 Ways To BEAT The Midweek Slump And Feel Energized EVERY Morning! 

It’s Wednesday and you’re almost there, I totally get it! You feel like you might just collapse and can’t wait for the weekend. If you’re always feeling this way then I have 6 easy tips for you to beat the slump and make it through the rest of the week strong and energized!

1. No staying up late! This one can be tough if you have that one favorite show to watch or you’re simply just a night owl, whatever the case you have to make the biggest effort to put your electronics away and go to sleep. Try sleeping masks, they work wonders if you have a lot of moonlight peeking through the curtains.

2. Get your caffeine fix! If you’re still feeling tired, try some caffeine. My favorite way to power up is with a iced green tea latte with extra matcha powder!  It’s refreshing and gives me that boost I need!

3. Wake up early to stretch or do some sort of exercise! This one not only wakes you up but it also makes you feel great about yourself! Keep this up and waking up earlier for that run will get easier and easier as time goes on.

4. Have a big healthy breakfast! My favorite meal of the day! Indulge on that breakfast, after all you did go on that run this morning and throughout the day you’ll be burning those toast calories right off!

5. Take a fresh shower every morning to wake up!  I used to hate morning showers because it meant having to blow dry my hair and that takes way too long! Now that I run every single morning I have to take a shower every single day because I’m like a sweat machine🙈 TMI, sorry guys! I’ve been wearing a bun basically the whole week so it’s been working out!

6. Listen to some feel good music as you do the things above!  As I so do everything above I always play some feel good, wake up, be happy jams! As I sing and dance my morning away they help me start my day with a positive attitude!

Those are my top 6 tips for beating the midweek slump! Let me know if you have any others I can try out and thank you for stopping by! 😘

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Faith > Fear

Hi everyone, I have a new addiction brewing, T-shirts with meanings! I’m really not a Tshirt wearing kind of girl but recently I love a good Tee with an amazing verse or saying on it! I’m also pretty casual during the week so I love pairing them with jeans or a skirt! When this company reached out to me and Felix we were so excited to twin and wear them together! These shirts are actually meant for working out 🏋 and we will definitely be wearing these on our runs with the pups but we thought a casual outfit for the shoot with these shirts would be cool too! 👍🏻 Let’s be real, we don’t run too often together 🙊 so wearing these on a casual day out is more our style. We love the material of these shirts, I can tell they’ll last through many workouts and wears. I love this verse on these shirts, it reminds us to continue on with the Lord because everything else will eventually perish which can be so scary sometimes, but with faith, with God, everything will be fine. Here is a little bit about Flyte, “FLYTE is about more than simply selling supplements and apparel. We promote a lifestyle that encourages the bridging of faith and fitness in a culture that finds it difficult to see how the two can connect. The world of fitness is saturated with messages of individualistic empowerment and encourages self-centered gain for self-advancing purposes. FLYTE exists to glorify God by being a light in this spiritually dark industry that cares much about profits and recognition but little for the wellbeing of its consumers. We seek to encourage physical health unto even greater spiritual health as we shift the emphasis away from mere personal gain to impacting the lives of people who, like Alex once did, might find themselves in a dark place and in need of a light.” How encouraging is that!?! There are many other styles and products to try so I will link them below, I know you’ll love them!

Thanks for stopping by! 😘 

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5 Things You Must Do During Summer


1. A day at the fair! 🎡🎠

If you have not gone to the fair during the summer then.. well.. you’re missing out on summer ladies and gents! It’s filled with fun, different kinds of performances, out of the ordinary food and just a good time waiting to happen! Grab your friends and go make sweet summer memories! 

2. Road trip. 🚗🌞

A road trip for me (in CA) would be a weekend getaway to Palm Springs, San Diego, Malibu, Venice, LA, … the list could go on really. My point is, find a nearby city with some things you want to see or do, or maybe book an awesome hotel you just want to lounge at. It always feels like summer when you have that summer trip! 

3. Rent a bike. 🕶🚴🏼

I think renting a bike can only be done during the summer because, who wants to ride a bike when it’s freezing and have that cold wind slap your face? Not me! Biking around is a must do SUMMER activity! I always look forward going to a beach to rent a bike! It’s one of my favorite things to do during the summer! Just make sure you wear lots of sun screen and maybe a hat! 😉

4. Drive-In theatre. 

I live for movie dates with my boyfriend, sisters, friends, cousins, parents, just anyone!!! I’m always up for a movie but have you done a drive-in theatre? Now those are something else!! If you have a bigger car I think it’s a little more fun and comfy but regardless it’s a good time. My boyfriend has blown up a mattress, grabbed blankets, and pillows to create the most comfortable movie situation ever. He also happens to have a truck so it was out in the fresh open air! He always does it the best! 👌🏻 Make sure you snap some pictures of the night because you are going to want to remember, I guarantee it! 

If you’re in California, I usually go to Vineland Theatre 

5.  Guilt free popsicles. 

How can I resist the practically instant refresher of eating a popsicle on an insanely hot day. So many flavors to try that I want to eat popsicles every single day! So why not? – especially if they’re guilt free! Grab your favorite fruit and create your very own popsicles, that are good for you! 😉 They’re extra refreshing in a bikini floating on your favorite float in the pool! Here are some recipes to try!

Those are my five must do things! Hope you try at least one because I know you won’t regret it! 😘 Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy summer, 💛 Elle.