Fall Layers

Jumpsuit. | White bodysuit. | Cuter paper boy hat. | Camel Booties.

Hello again! I feel like every time I’m on here writing my post I have to update on the weather here in CA and now that it’s a tad bit more “Fall” around here I’m so excited! I seriously thrive in colder weather, it’s just so me! As for the fashion I think it’s the layers I love most.

One way I love layering lately is under my summer jumpsuits! I’ve worn this jumpsuit just as it is, paired with some sandals. Now, I added in a long sleeve bodysuit and little paperboy hat too! As well as my favorite camel boots. Simple things I already own to make a very Fall appropriate outfit…..for CA. Another fun little detail are these hoop earrings!

Enjoyment: I am currently reading exodus again and a certain verse stood out to me as I was reading. It was a verse I had read plenty of times before but just kind of passed over but this time it really meant something different to me. Right before Moses saw the burning bush and went to check out the ‘remarkable sight’. Exodus 3:4 “When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called out to him from the bush, “Moses, Moses!”. God wasn’t calling out to him like a child in a soccer game, he simply used something amazing to get his attention. Once Moses walked over to look he spoke to him loud and clear. It made me think of situations where God placed things in my life to get me to listen to Him. It caused me just to cry thinking of moments I’ve ignored. My prayer after reading that was, “Lord Jesus, cause me to turn to you when You are trying to get my attention. I want to notice You in these situations You have placed in my life. Cause me to listen to Your calling and appearing to me. Thank you Lord You are not a silent God. Amen.” Maybe you can just pray this too if you feel the same. As always thanks for stopping by.

Love, Elle.


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