Monday’s For A Fresh Start

Hello lovelies. 🌷 It’s a fresh new week for a new start! I hate Monday’s sometimes because… well, how can I possibly want to go back to work after such an amazing weekend. But then there are days like today, I feel great to be up and looking forward to a new week where I can start something new….like going to the gym at 5AM….or anything I want. Monday’s are great for that sort of thing.

Alright, let’s get into this beautiful outfit! Such a ME outfit, comfortable and feminine. I think I could wear dresses every day for the rest of my life, they’re sooo easy! This one I wore to the meeting with my church a few Sunday’s ago and loved it! It ties at the sleeves and has such a beautiful simple print on there as well. I wore it with some nude heels because….well, nude goes with everything of course. I’ve also worn this dress with some pretty little sandals and wrap around heels. These sunglasses, I just adore them, they are marble print with a huge lenses and sooo sturdy for how much I paid($10). Since my dress is black I also went with some black earrings. I grabbed this purse on my way out because I loved how the print sort of matched the print on my dress. Very cute. Loved it.

Dress. | Sunglasses. |Heels. | Bag.

Now for my enjoyment of the week. I haven’t done this in a few months but that’s ok because It’s Monday and im doing it now. Lately at our home meeting with my church we’ve been talking about loving someone or something sooo much it’s like we can’t live without it because it’s our only happiness. After someone shared a testimony about her grandfather passing away and him being her rock… her everything, that she felt like her life had no meaning or worth after he passed. God was able to use that situation and turn it into something sweet, that moment she came to really know God and He became everything her grandfather was to her. I was thinking and was well aware that Felix was my everything maybe even before God at times and my biggest fear is that he would be taken from me. Felix also happens to be my church companion too and I don’t like going without him. Since his new schedule at work has been working on the weekends we haven’t been going at all. I knew that wasn’t good for me but I’m telling you …I really depended on Felix. I started praying to God(very slowly), giving Him my feelings and I came to a point of tears and just gave Felix to God. That he would have His will in Felix’s life, experiences, situations, just everything. I gave Felix to God, truly, truly gave Felix to God completely in my heart. Of course I still love my Felix but my God should always be first. I started going to the meeting alone and with my best friend Maddie, really enjoying, not alone at all! Then, the next week Felix’s schedule changed to having the weekends off. I was so happy to have my church companion back but more importantly, I realized what God did and why he did it. I know he has full reign in our lives and wants to be number one. He filled the spot Felix once occupied and gave Felix back to me to continue on in Him because at the end of the day he wants to fill every little corner of our heart. If we let Him in He gives us something greater than we could imagine and be everything to us.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Love, Elle.


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