Portland, Oregon

Hello everyone, I recently traveled to Portland, Oregon….the city of FOOD! Our time here consisted of restaurant after restaurant and we had an incredibly long list of them. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have the stomach for all the highly reviewed places we wanted to try so here are just some of the places we were able to try.

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GRASSA  – This place was walking distance from where we were staying. I loved the vibe here, you could sit at the bar and watch the cooks make your pasta from scratch. All the bar seats were taken so we sat at a booth and shared our totally fresh pasta along with an adorable rosé in a can made in Portland. I really only got this to take a picture and send it to my mom but it was actually good (Can’t go wrong with rosé!).img_5895

Voodoo Donuts – This donut shop was founded right here in Portland, this one is the very first one created. Now, there are some all over the U.S. (I think there is one at the City Walk of Universals Studios!) The donuts here were really different, unique, and kind of weird all in one. This isn’t a place I would usually pick out but it was cool to see once I was there. The donuts were pretty good too, of course!

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Renting Bikes – There are little rental bike stations everywhere!!! When I say everywhere I literally mean EVERYWHERE! All you have to do is download an app to be able to pay for them and then check them out. On the app, there is a map and it also tells you exactly where the next bike station is along with landmarks. Whenever I am somewhere new I love renting a bike and have been telling myself every year I want to invest in a beautiful rose gold bike with a gigantic basket in the front or back…to put Monaco. Every year I don’t get it ….but I will when the bike finds me.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar – This was a 4 1/2 star restaurant that was on the list….for breakfast. Here I am with a little mimosa but the food was good too..I just didn’t get a picture with it. I would’ve enjoyed it more inside…but still yummy.

Views– I loved Portland for the architecture, which reminded me of walking the streets on Madrid or Paris. Of course I had to stop by and snap a few pictures! It made me reeally miss Europe…le sigh. Portland made me feel I was there so I soaked it all in.


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Portland Art Museum – Coming to at least one museum was a must, there were a few options but I thought this one was more something the group was into. There were a lot of cool exhibits but honestly…we were really trying to escape the heat. Which is why I am actually wearing my bathing suit this day, it was a total lifesaver, and I surprisingly got so many compliments.

Portland City Grille – The Uber driver told us about this restaurant with an amazing view and of course I had to go. Being in a new city I make it my mission to find the prettiest rooftop location to check out the city in a birds eye view. Let me tell you…the food here was as good as the view! (Of course I forget to take pictures of the food, the only picture I got were the delicious crab cakes)


Sushi Ohana– This was a very chill place to eat and I enjoyed every bite.

Oregon Zoo– I always check out the zoo of every city I visit, I love feeling like a kid and just checking out all the animals. In another lifetime I would’ve loved to be a veterinarian or zoologist. I could spend hours watching animal documentaries or just any animal video really…

Zed’s Real Fruit Ice Cream– I love my ice cream, but when it’s made of real fruit it’s totally guilt free and I love it even more! This food truck is located inside Portlands zoo and was just what I needed to get through one of the hottest days while being there.


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International Rose Test Garden– Dreamiest place ever, it reminded me of the Versailles garden and I just wanted to stay there all day. I would love to grab my picnic gear, Monaco, a book, my hunni and just relax all day long. It was so peaceful there and perfect. There were also a million photo ops.


Lúc Lác– This place was life changing for me…I used to be a pho hater but after this place…well.. my mouth is watering as I’m writing this post so I think that describes it best. There is a long wait but every minute is worth the wait to eat here! This is the top two that I would recommend to anyone traveling to Portland.


The Benson– The hotel I stayed at was beautiful, I don’t usually share where I stay but this place was too beautiful not to share! Once again with the European vibes, but it also reminded me of Henri Bendel…I feel like they would do something like this if HB had a hotel. Very classy.

dsc_7313_facetune_11-09-2018-19-45-54Powell’s City of Books– Someone could get lost here….I’m not really sure how many floors this place was or how many little nooks of bookshelves there were. It was overwhelming…in a good way. It was just around the corner of The Benson and closed at 11 pm, so I was there almost every day trying to pick a book for my future home.


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Then it was all over and it was time to fly home. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and maybe try some of these places for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Elle.


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