Bright Colors For Summer

|White mules | White linen pants |

Hello everyone! This summer has been SO hot and I’m just so over it. I have gotten sick twice this summer and it’s all because I go from the hot weather to inside my home where AC is blasting. I just need this heat to be done already….. well on the bright side… literally bright side, I get to wear these bright colors! I have been loving my bright red, yellow, all sorts of different colors! Now that my hair is darker I feel like it just works so much better with these bright colors. This crop top is the cutest thing ever, the frills, color and fit are just perfect. Then these pants, oh my gosh how I love these pants! I wear them to work, out with a cute bodysuit, blouse, or even thin sweater. They are the most comfortable linen pants with an adorable tie detail at the front. You can never go wrong with white, which is why I went and got white mules!!!! I never thought I’d own a pair of these. I guess never say never. It took some breaking into but these shoes are pretty comfortable now. That’s all for today. Thank you for stopping by.

Love, Elle.


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