This Summer

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Hello everyone! I’m sharing this sweet summer look today perfect for any occasion! This dress is a wrap dress with some wide sleeves and I just love how girly it is. I’ve also worn this with sneakers to Disneyland. My favorite thing about the dress has to be the print with all the yellow flowers. This dress is the perfect summer dress!

I really wanted to hop on here not only to share this outfit but also to let you guys know I have been so busy with what feels like a million things. For starters I decided to to start school early and take a summer course but wow does it take up all my free time! Not only that but my wedding shower is this weekend! I’ve been stressing about finding the perfect shower dress! (I did find it) I have family and my MOH who want to come from out of town so my mom and I have been figuring out where to put everyone. We are all a hot mess. Then we have the big wedding only 3 months away, I’ve been having cake tasting, floral consultations and meetings with the wedding coordinator…. then I have to get my wedding dress altered a tiny bit. On top of all that Felix and I have been figuring where we want to live! We are all an incredibly hot mess to say the least but at the end of the day what matters is that we marry and continue on in God. It’s so hard to get carried away with things to do but just incorporating God in my everyday meetings, study sessions, work sessions, and really any time is the key. The way I incorporate Him is just calling on His name, “Oh Lord Jesus” it’s like a breathe of fresh air. I leave you guys here to go study for an exam, I might not be as active on here but I will definitely try! ❤️ Have a happy week and weekend!

Love, Elle.


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