5 Hairstyles Perfect For Summer!

Hello everyone! Today I am teaming up with April Soderstrom and their amazing jewelry brand. I’m also sharing a discount code ‘ellesadventure10’. They have such different, on trend, cute, grungy, preppy, just about every style for every girl, accessories! When I received these earrings I thought it would be fun and maybe even helpful to create hairstyles styled around these earrings. These hairstyles are perfect to make any accessory pop!

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1. Loose beach waves.

This is my go to look when I want to look a little more casually done up. Add curls and earrings to any look and it’ll look great. 👍🏼 You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle.

2. Tucked behind the ears.

Lately I’ve been tucking my hair behind my ears if I have some cute earrings on! It’s the perfect way to show them off if you still want your hair down. Just add a little bit of hairspray and maybe even tie your hair at the bottom of your hair to secure it in place.

3. Messy half top bun.

This hairstyle is a little more new for me since I just started adding it into my daily hairstyles. I love it for second day hair with just a little bit of dry shampoo. This brings so much focus to your earrings too in such a trendy way!

4. Messy Bun.

Let’s be real, this is my everyday hairstyle… especially second day hair when my curls don’t hold in. This hairstyle can get super messy but it really doesn’t matter because the messier, the cuter it will be! Plus, adding earrings to this hairstyle makes it more done up.

5. Sleek, low ponytail.

The perfect sleek, low ponytail will forever be chic. It is the easiest hairstyle to accomplish, everyone can do it! It adds so much elegance and was definitely created for earrings! 😍 The whole focus is your face and those accessories!

Well, that is all for my 5 hairstyles for summer. Seriously so easy and just life savers for the heat! All of these will also make any accessory you want to stand out just be the focus! Of course a big thank you to April soderstrom and the earrings that I had so much styling around! They have sooo many accessories to chose from! Don’t forget to use my discount code ‘ellesadventure10’ (case sensitive). Thank you for stopping by. 😘

Shop these earrings and more here!

Love, Elle.


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