5 Tips On Styling Mom Jeans

Target circle bag! | Mom Jeans! | Watch. |

Yellow top. | Flat Sandal.

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing these adorable mom jeans! They are my second pair and I love how they fit! Mom jeans are just so flattering, on every body type! Well, I think the key is to find some that fit your body well because some can take away your booty or just look a little off. I’m always on the lookout for more, but have a hard time finding some I love and look great on me. When you find the perfect pair it will be sooo worth it!

1. Crop Tops: Styling my mom jeans I always go for some type of crop top like the one I’m wearing here! You can also get away with wearing crop tops because the jeans are pretty high waisted so you’re not showing off half your belly!

2. Bodysuits: I love bodysuits with mom jeans! It’s just the perfect piece, you can keep the top tucked in at all times and it’s just so cute! Bodysuits can pretty much go with everything but high waisted bottoms are my favorite to pair with bodysuits.

3. T-shirts: I don’t have too many T-shirt’s but the ones I do have I’ve worn with these jeans! I like either tucking it in the front for a messy look or making a knot in the middle or side of the shirt for a crop top look! Mmm… this also gives the illusion of some abs so that’s nice! 💁🏻‍♀️

4. Roll them up: Usually these jeans are wider towards the bottom and that’s not a very flattering look. I always roll them up at the bottom to make it a little more tight. I think showing your ankle gives you more height and elongates your legs as well so that’s always nice.

5. Size down: I’ve noticed I always have to size down when I get mom jeans. Of course everyone will be different so if you’re ordering online I would buy three pairs 1. True size 2. Size up 3. Size down. With the two Lira of mom jeans I own I had to size down and mostly because of my waist.

How adorable is this circle bag I found at Target. Once again killing it with their bag designs from the collection ‘A New Day’. It’s the perfect day bag when you don’t want to carry much, just a cardholder, phone and lip product of the day.

That is all for my tips on styling mom jeans and I know everyone NEEDS to give this style of jeans a try! When you find your perfect pair you’ll want more and more!

Thank you for stopping by.

Love, Elle.


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