Bride Series | My Feelings About Marrying Felix.

Hello everyone, the month of June has begun and that means I’m 5 months away from marrying my Felix. I feel like every morning as I get ready for the day I just think about my future with him. I go through these feelings pretty much every morning and night before I fall asleep. I have screaming/jumping sessions with my mom every month and can only imagine what a total wreck I’ll be in October. Tonight, I decided I wanted to write my daily feelings/moods out to you all so here goes….

1. Shock.

With only 5 months away from our wedding and start of our lives as Mr. and Mrs. I’m in shock. I can’t believe it, I feel like we just got engaged, I feel like we’ve only been dating for at least a year!!! It’s like I blinked and it’s 4 years in and 5 months away from the wedding… complete shock.

2. Excitement.

Along with shock I’m also so excited to start living with Felix 24/7. I hate saying goodbye to him every night or not seeing him until the weekend. I’m also excited to have our own place where I get to decorate! 😍 I’m excited to do those everyday things with him and become our very own little family. Honestly I have a long list of reasons I’m excited! 🙊

3. Nervousness.

I can’t help but feel nervous, not for marrying Felix but more because I want to be everything he needs all the time. I want to always give him the right words when he needs it. I want to be the one who takes him from the world , making him carefree and relaxed. With God’s grace I know we will be able to be that person.

4. Thankfulness.

I truly am blessed beyond measure, not only with Felix but in life. To be healthy and happy is everything! To have a healthy, happy fiancé is everything! To have a healthy, happy family is everything! It’s all because the man above is taking care of us and I’m just so thankful, filled with love.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my 4 constant moods that happen almost everyday! It feels so good to write them out, recognize them, and share them. I can’t even imagine the new feelings I’d have after one year of marriage… maybe the same, who knows! 🙊 Maybe I’ll share again! Have a happy day friends!

Love, Elle.

Ps: This picture is from an engagement shoot we did, I’m waiting for my couple shower to surprise everyone with the rest of these pictures but here’s a tiny sneak peak. 😍🙊 Thank you to, Mia Garcia Photography ❤️ I can’t wait to share the rest.


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