How To Grow Your Following With Pinterest!

Hello lovelies! Okay, is anyone else Pinterest addicted? I’m guilty, if I need any type of inspiration on seriously ANYTHING I find myself opening my Pinterest app! Especially when I have down time I always hop on. I’ve found myself growing my following because of Pinterest.. how do I know? Well, behind the scenes of my blog I can see where people come from on a daily. Everyday I see clicks from Pinterest so I’ve been keeping a close eye and have come up with a few tips on what I’ve done!

1. Pin as much as you can!

If you’re pinning then people have a reason to keep following you on Pinterest. Not only that, but if they see your picture that you just pinned they are more likely to click on your page, find your blog, and maybe even repin or follow your blog. I stopped pinning as much and saw a decrease of clicks from Pinterest.

2. Be organized.

When I’m looking to follow a Pinterest account, I love when everything is organized into a million categories that make sense. I always try to keep everything organized so it will help others too if they have the same style as me. Of course I benefit from it the most I think, I can look up whatever I want.

3. Join a board with other bloggers and pin your posts!

I am on 3 boards where there are thousands of girls. We all pin our posts there or other posts we like for the season. I think being on one is great because they usually have a large following when means more clicks. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I also get a lot of tips and ideas for my posts in the future from other, more experienced bloggers. If you’re not on one you can create one and invite other bloggers!

4. Create a click worthy picture!

I don’t pin every picture from my blog on Pinterest because it’s just too much. I usually choose my favorite and I try to pick a picture that teases. You want people to click on over to your blog but you don’t want give the whole post away.

5. Click worthy title.

I used to always try to put cute titles I came up with but have found that putting trendy searches people will be typing in have given me better results. Even a title that is interesting and straight to the point usually starts with ‘How to…..’, ‘Get…..’, ‘Make….’, … there’s just so many. Getting straight to the point as well as teasing definitely gets more traffic onto my blog.

Well, there are my 5 tips on growing your following! I’m still pretty new to this blogging thing and it’s really fun as of now. Just thought I’d share for others who are new to this too!

Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Elle. ❤️


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