Turquoise: Springs Favorite Color

Hi everyonešŸ’• I hope everyone is having an amazing month so far, as for me, I feel like time is flying right on by. Like, in just a few days it’ll be my birthday month and I can’t believe it! This always happens to me when I’m excited for something in the future, time speeds up! I need to stop doing that but I can’t help it…..

Well, I wanted to share what I wore to church this past weekend. It’s not usually something I’d wear to the meeting because it seems a little casual with the denim jacket but I went for it. I regretted it after Felix showed up in a full on suit, like always, I should’ve known. I still loved this outfit for a day out exploring the town. I scored this dress at The Rack, it’s so simple and perfect for my life and work! It has adjustable spaghetti straps. I tied a little scarf around my head and chose these ADORABLE turquoise earrings from Target! I’ve finally pulled out my classic espadrilles and round little basket bag. āœ… Done.

Buy earrings here!

Now for my little enjoyment. This day with my church the message was about humanity and ourselves. I, in my self can never ever be perfect and am sinning every day with the things I do, say, even think, no matter what there’s just no way to be “good”. It’s impossible for humanity. But then we remember Jesus died on the cross for all our sins and he washes us from our daily sins and there’s hope for humanity. Only with Christ, not alone. He forgives us and we can go on. Honestly this message just opened my eyes because I always want to be so “perfect”. I kept thinking of how many times I’ve failed. In my work life dealing with children I lose my patience in moments I can’t control and I can get so frustrated with the child I’m working with. I realized whenever I take Christ in, instead of frustration, I’m more like Christ. (If that makes any sense. Lol) If I’m breathing God in, my heart is softened towards the child, I’m filled with more understanding and love. When I forget to work with Christ I’m just filled with negativity. That’s just one example, I had plenty more….That just showed me I’m NOTHING without my God without His precious Blood, His Life, His love, His Person, His Word, His Church.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy rest of your month.

Love, Elle.


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