Bride Series | Bridesmaid Proposal ideas

Hello again, it’s time to check another thing off my wedding journey list, bridesmaid proposals! I have 5 bridesmaids including 1 junior bridesmaid. Let’s get into the things I put into my proposal and I hope you leave with some ideas!

*Tip: Get them something they’ll use everyday!

I️ got all my girls matching white Henri Bendel card holders! I got my fiancé’s sister and her daughter matching black ones! These will forever be special and I like that it has nothing to do with any type of title such as “bridesmaid” printed all over it. I got everyone’s initials monogrammed on them as well! I can’t wait for our bachelorette trip pictures with our matching wallets!

My best friend Maddie gave me an initial ring a few years back and it has been my everyday ring. It’s so dainty and simple, everything about it is perfect! So I got everyone’s initial ring as well. They could wear it on the wedding day and it’s just a sweet ring to have and to remember all the fun we will have this year together celebrating. I had to get Maddie an initial bracelet since she already has a ring.

To personalize everyone’s gift I printed my favorite picture of us and framed it!

I also purchased some LED twinkle lights from amazon to add some magic to the box when it’s opened. ✨ I made sure to ask my girls in the evening! I asked my maid of honor, before she left to Chicago, in LA. I asked my little sister at Disneyland! I asked my two best friends in Palm Springs in celebration for finding my wedding dress. I asked my fiancé’s sister and daughter in a restaurant. They were all magical and recorded so I’ll have to make some type of video! 🙊

Of course I added an adorable card to ask the big question! 🙊 It was seriously so fun to put together and I️ know my girls loved their gifts! I can’t wait to share more little details along my journey! Hopefully it gave some of you some inspiration on what to give!


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