Current Favorites

Hello!! So usually I don’t try new things besides clothes but this year I discovered a few things that I’m very much obsessed with!

1. Physicians formula matte lipgloss. I went to a blogger event and I got it for free,I️ then tossed it in my bag thinking I wouldn’t like it. I finally tried it out this month and I loved it! I’m not a big fan of lipgloss because my hair will stick to it and I hate that. This one however was matte and perfect! It hydrated your lips without being glossy! I kept going back to a CVS store to buy every color and when they finally stocked my local CVS I bought 5! Shop here!

2. Nail polish. I usually always get my nails done by my aunt because she went to beauty school and has all the supplies. I would get gel nails every month and it was starting to thin out my nails. I also started working at Choc hospital and we aren’t allowed to have anything artificial on our nails due to bacteria that gets trapped under, especially because I’m working with kids who are very sick with low immune systems. I was sad but when I heard why, it all made sense and I was willing to make that sacrifice. That is how I discovered these $1.50 nail polish from CVS! They remind me of Essie but sooooo much cheaper! They have a variety of colors and they go on very nicely! Love them! I️ bought so many of them! Shop here!

3. Glamglow, volcasmic face cream. I recently tried out this brand and I am so happy with it! I got a sample pack from some friends who work in the beauty department at Nordstrom. I tried every mask by glamglow and I love it!!! I love the masks that make your face burn and tingle, even though it makes my face temporarily red, I just love the feeling. This night cream is so hydrating and smells amazing! Buy here!

4. Nordstrom rack. I’ve always been a Nordstrom girl but I️ have been obsessed with shopping at Nordstrom rack recently. They have such amazing deals and such cute things! I’ve found so many white dresses for events that I’ll be having this year. I even found some adorable Tory Burch, and hunter rain boots for such a good deal! Start shopping!

5. Straightener brush. I always use my chi straightener from high school and until now it has not let me down. I love curling my hair with it, straightening it. I can seriously do it all with that! Recently I’ve been seeing ads for a brush that straightens your hair and I got it on amazon! Lol I’ll have to do a YouTube tutorial so you can see how it works. Honestly it’s great! I blow dry my hair and then I brush it out and it’s straight in a few minutes! Because of it I’ve been straightening my hair much more often! Buy here!

6. Along with that straightener brush I’ve been using this adorable Tiffany blue brush! It’s got double bristles and it feels like a scalp massage on my head. I use this brush to blow dry my hair out and it leaves my hair with such a glossy finish! I definitely tossed out those old brushes of mine! Buy brush here!


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