5 Things

Hello everyone, I wanted to share 5 things today! Random things I’ve been loving and using or just thinking about lately. Let’s get into it….


Target obsession. Every time I go into target I leave with something from the “A New Day” collection!!! They have just beautiful feminine pieces that I absolutely adore! It’s seriously so hard not to find something I don’t need to have in my closet! This skirt is from the collection, I think it’s already sold out but they have other amazing midi skirts to shop from! Shop here!

2. I have been wanting my hair to grow out for my wedding this November! I have not gone to get my hair done AT ALL since I was proposed to. I’m hoping it will grow out down to my waist so when it gets a big cut it will look fresh and full! I’m also torn between dying it light or dark. My fiancé and sisters say they don’t like dark hair because it’s kind of basic…..but then others say go dark. I’m thinking I’ll go lighter for the wedding but then after I’ll go a darker brown just in case I don’t like it, it won’t be in any pictures.

3. I just got a gym membership through my fiancé at work since he gets it for free! We just got the good old super sport 24 hour fitness and I am so excited to go after work every day!!! I know I’m pretty thin but I just want to gain some muscle and feel fit! I used to loveeee the spinning classes and stopped going when my pass expired. I think this time around I’ll work on the machines a lot more.

4. I got an electric toothbrush recently and I love it! I’m probably so late with trying it out but I️ just thought they’d be so expensive. It’s from amazon and was pretty cheap but I feel such a difference on my teeth. Paired with my whitening toothpaste I’m so happy with my teeth right now. You need to try one too!! You will not be disappointed! Buy here!


Psalm 16:11 “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” My fiancé and I started this new thing where we are calling each other at night or before he drops me off, we just breathe our sweet Lord Jesus in. We just call on God’s name and just enjoy his presence, it’s such a relaxing way to end the night from the long day we have. Both my fiancé and I see things at work that are so heartbreaking that children have to endure and it just feels good to unwind in a prayer. We don’t pray for anything in particular but just really thank Him, tell Him we love Him and that even through these sorrows and sadness we see we still choose Him, love Him, trust in Him. Just being in his presence gives me the peace of mind to keep going and help those we can. We are doing what we are doing because God has led us to it and He only gives us what we can handle so just trusting Him gives me peace of mind every night.

Those are my 5 random thoughts or things as of lately. Thank you for reading have a happy rest of your day!

Love, Elle.


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