Bride Series|Choosing Your Wedding Dress

There is one more thing I have checked off my list and I think it is the most important of all! The wedding dress!!! I thought this would be the most fun and less stressful thing to buy but boy, was I wrong! Alrighty, let’s get into the steps.

1. Budget talk! Figure out what you’re willing to spend. It’s basically one of the first questions you will be asked when you step into a boutique or bridal shop.

2. Create a Pinterest board for your dream dress! Even before I was engaged or even dating Felix I already had an idea of what I wanted and had a Pinterest board started! It really helped me figure out what kind of style I wanted to have.

3. Make appointments! Every location I wanted to go to required an appointment so plan ahead and make those appointments.

4. Invite your special guests! I went to a few spots with only my mom at first. Later on my best friend flew in from Canada and my sister flew in from Chicago and a whole event was created around finding my wedding dress! In the end my two amazing besties were there and my two sisters were there! We ended up going to Palm Springs that weekend to celebrate I found my dress! It’s also where I asked my two besties to be my bridesmaids!

5. What to wear! This one is a little funny but I thought I’d squeeze it in here. Lol Wear some nude, seamless underwear chose some that are a style of bikini or hipster. There will most likely be someone in there helping you get into your dress so for the sake of everyone I think it’s just best. 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol Up to you.

6. Be true to your dream and don’t settle! Okay, I went in wanting a long sleeve, modest, fun, flirty, girly dress and was having the worst luck! For some reason every long sleeve dress I tried on didn’t feel right. I ended up loving a strapless dress but just because I wasn’t having any luck with the long sleeve dresses. I knew I dreamt of a long sleeve dress and just couldn’t say yes to the dress. I’m so happy I didn’t! 😓

7. Keep trying! I’ve heard of friends finding their dress at the second try but I am so incredibly picky I knew it wouldn’t be like that with me. I went to 5 different places! Every spot I went to I had a number 1 dress. I would go home and really meditate on it. (Aka pray to my God BFF!) I wanted to give up and break down after every appointment, like the true drama queen I am. Lol I didn’t.

8. Don’t be influenced by others! I know you want everyone who is there to love your dress but the truth is…. it’s not their day it’s yours. I almost said yes to a dress my sisters and friends loved, sure it was beautiful, but it wasn’t what I had wanted! Therefore I just said no.

9. Be open! Contrary to being true to your first vision, just be open to something else you might just fall in love with. I think if the dress makes you cry and it’s “the one” then you’ll know. My dress definitely made me cry and everyone cry!!! We just all knew. Although it did go along with my first dream dress I pictured, I was also open to changing my mind.

10. Get it earlier than later. I ordered my dress mid February and won’t get it until June. It takes 4 months! I’m sure there will be some minor alterations that need to be done as well so I’m so relieved to be getting it way before November! It would be the worst to not be able to order your dress because of time limitations. Just get it before and save yourself the major stress!

Tip* Something I’ve seen brides doing recently is having two dresses! One for the ceremony and another for the reception! You could go all out for the ceremony for walking down the aisle in a cathedral style dress. For the reception you could have something more simple and easy to move in! I think it is such a cool idea and gives you more options! Or, if you have a fiancé who is wearing his Prince Charming, Marine dress blues and changing into a suit for reception you might just have to be a diva too and have a change of outfit too! 🤷🏼‍♀️💁🏼 Just saying…. lol

There you go!!! Everything I wish I knew before the process began. It was a stressful month but nonetheless suchasweet time. **Just for fun here are some of the dresses I turned down!


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