How We Met

It all started three years ago near November 10th the Marine Corps Ball. I posted a picture of a ball gown I had never worn on Snapchat with the caption “the dress I’ll never wear”. My cousin messaged me immediately saying his best friend needed a date for that ball and that I should go so I could wear my dress. In that moment I said yes thinking of how much I wanted to wear my dress, my cousin sent me his phone number asking me to text him.

In the morning I snapped back into reality and completely regretted saying yes because… how weird, I don’t even know him. Of course I never texted him, after a few days the guy texts me! I was freaking out and did not want to get into a relationship because I was a full time student, working and had dreams of moving away so I did not want a boy to be holding me down. I also had never been in a relationship so in my head it was terrifying especially because every date and guy I did try to date was disappointing.

I took a few days to text him back and would probably text him once a day. He finally suggested we go out on a date but I really did not want to so I always made it into a group date, inviting my friend and my cousin! We went to a salsa dancing place, when he showed up I said hello and went to the dance floor with my cousin and tried to delay dancing with him as long as possible. When I finally did dance with him I was impressed by what a good dancer he was. We sat down and just talked, I loved talking to him. He was so sweet, so genuine but it did not change the fact I did not want a relationship.

After that day I decided he would be a good friend and that I would go to the ball with him. He asked me officially to the ball and I said yes… he was so happy. I remember he called me for the first time before the ball just wanting to talk and I️ was feeling sooo nervous, pacing my room back and forth while talking to him. I didn’t want to like him so I tried to play it really cool.

It was finally the day of the ball and I drove out to San Diego, when I arrived he gave me a gift and it was a picture of something he drew for me. I thought it was so sweet of him and I felt awkward receiving a present on a first date. That is when my nerves kicked in. Me and another girl got ready together and we went to go meet up the Marines. I saw him in his Marine Blues and felt even more nervous around him because he looked so handsome. The event went great, it was our first date alone and we really got to know each other a little more, we also danced all through the event.

After that day he was always trying to take me out and I was always fighting saying it wasn’t a date, it was just two friends hanging out. He never fought back and just nodded saying whatever I wanted it to be is what it’ll be. I knew he liked me but I just wasn’t ready for a relationship. In the time of our friendship I got to know his heart, his love for his family and friends, how selfless he was around other people. He was also so incredibly chivalrous towards me, walking me to my front door, walking on the outside of the street, opening car doors for me, I don’t think I’ve ever opened a door for myself while being with him, just making me feel like a princess. It was all those little things in a guy I had never seen.I’m also a Jesus loving Christian girl and only wanted the same in my future love. Unfortunately he was not but started coming to my bible studies and eventually started falling in love with Jesus himself. The day I realized I needed to stop fighting our obvious love was the day he stood up out of the blue and announced he wanted to be baptized. At that very moment every rule, everything I thought about him was done. My heart completely and entirely melted towards him. I knew he was placed in my life for me and that he will be my first I love you … my first everything in life. The only man I will take any chances with and so it was. We became official and fell entirely in love with each other.


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