Bride Series | Choosing The Venue

Here are some of my tips for wedding planning. I’m obviously still in the process and have only booked my venue so this is simply for helping you choose a venue!

1. Talk about budget with your fiancé, as well as your wedding planning assistant (aka my mom!). This one is very obvious. This will help you so much when you are making venue consultations.

2. Figure out your date or month you want! That’s the first question these venues ask you! Personally I wasn’t too picky on the date but only wanted it in November to make it exactly in 12 months. My mom almost convinced me to have our wedding in 6 months (Mom doesn’t like the waiting game and wants her first grandchild to happen. 😳)

3. Figure out what you want. When my mom and I started looking at venues we were looking all over the place and it was almost just a waste of time. Except for the fact that my mom and I got to hang out. For example, beach weddings can be pretty but that is the one place I knew for certain I didn’t want to be married by. I would hate to be married by the beach because it’s always colder by the beach at night and my hair gets frizzy by the beach (I want a good hair day for pictures!…. honestly my list could go on😣) Therefore those beach venues we looked at were a waste of time! 😣I decided I wanted a private estate type of venue that was rustic, bohemian but elegant and classy. I started booking consultations for that theme and we ended up finding our venue within the week.

4. Guest list!!! Oh my goodness!!! I have a huge family and so does Felix! My dad is 1 of 8 kids and Felix’s mother is 1 of 13 kids! Not only that but we also have a church family that is very close to us. Then add all those children! I think our guest list could easily go up to 500! The truth is… we don’t know every one of those family members and some of which we used to be close to aren’t in our lives as much so it would be understandable if they were not invited. We ended up deciding we only want people at our wedding that Felix and I both personally know, after all, it is our special day. We also decided on no children besides my bridal party kids and their siblings. With that decision we are definitely staying in our budget. 👌🏼

5. As much as it is exciting to be planning and taking this tremendously big step in your life, don’t forget to include God in this shopping step. It’s easy to get carried away and choose a luxurious venue if you have the means and parents who are willing to make it happen but the truth is God only cares about the marriage and relationship you have with your significant other and Him. A wedding is a formal way of honoring God and making the relationship official among your friends and family. At first I was very overwhelmed and my mom and I almost booked a way expensive venue but after praying it didn’t feel right to me. (I kept thinking of this verse…

“Ecclesiastes 1:2 Vanity of vanities, says the Preacher; Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.”)

That want and desire completely disappeared. After that experience my mom and I prayed at every venue location we saw. I wanted my God to choose my location just as he chose my perfect partner. When I felt his peace at a certain venue I took Felix up to see it and we prayed along the way about it, he fell in love with it as well. We still waited and prayed even more, (lol Felix and I pray over anything! ❤️) we felt nothing but peace and booked it!

6. *Extra tip

Choosing a venue that is all inclusive is literally a stress reducer! We chose a venue that includes a caterer, personal florist, wedding invites, DJ, photographer/ videographer, even the wedding cake! We simply set up meetings to go over what we want! Talk about easy peasy!

So there you go, my first of this year long bridal series! I hope some of you find this helpful. Just remember if you include God in it, he will make you realize what your true hearts desire is.

Psalms 37: 4 Delight yourself in God, And He will give you the requests of your heart.

With love, Elle.


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