You Need this Devotional

Another day for loving Jesus. This week I have been enjoying a little book of devotionals. One per day according to the date, so it’s awesome and easy! I find it a little difficult every now and then to open my Bible and get into the word but this gives me a little bit of everything. There’s a verse to read and “pray read” and just think about all day! There’s also some scripture explanations that are according to the context of the verse. As well as a sweet prayer to say, which makes it easy if you’re new to this whole “praying to God” thing. Lastly there’s a little encouragement to continue on, at the end. This book has become my morning revival and I love it! I find myself really relating to it and getting a little emotional as I read through and pray to my God. (I’m a cryer) I would encourage anyone who wants to accept God and enjoy him to get one of these devotionals or simply read the Bible! ❤️ I think reading books like this really change your heart and your perspective on the world around you in such a good way. Here is my exact book! In the light of His glory.


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