Reflecting on 2017

It’s the new year!!!!!

Wow, 2017 was full of so many amazing moments. I am entirely grateful for everything in my life and sometimes I’m at awe with everything that surrounds me. This 2017 I wanted to travel a lot and I did, I went somewhere new almost every single month. Now, I want something so much more than traveling. This coming year I want to practice giving my all to Christ. He has given me everything my true heart has desired and I’m realizing every day that I am where I am because of God. He has exceeded my every expectation from what I thought I would be.

This year I want my focus to be on my sweet, charming Lord Jesus. I want to read more,pray more , I want to call on his name every second of every day! I want to volunteer more, experience more, share more. I want to sing his hymns more, I just want more Christ! I want to be always overflowing with Christ. Not only do I want that for myself but I also want that for my fiancè. He has been so encouraging to me in my life, especially in Christ, but I want us to have more Christ this year. I want to go out less and go to church meetings, prayer meetings, YP meetings, everything!!!!! I think as a soon to be married couple we need that in our life. Reflecting not only on this year but my whole life, I am the happiest and best version of myself when I am enjoying my God.

To be honest I have really tried to live my life always seeking God, trying to be perfect…but let’s be real.. I’m nothing close to perfect, I never will be and no one is. All a person can do is come to God as they are, enjoy Him and spend time with Him. Everything else will fall into place as it should. In honor of this new years resolution, I want to share my sweetest enjoyment on here at least twice a month. Possibly even once a week! I feel like I have a lot of sweet experiences in Christ and only share them with Felix or my best friend Maddie but I’m ready to share them here too! I️ hope you follow along. 😘

Love, Elle.


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