4 Tips On Preventing Anxiety

Hello! Hope everyone had an amazing holiday, stress free! 😉 I sure did, making a quick getaway trip to Big bear, it was simply amazing! Alrighty, today I want to talk all about anxiety. I’ve had issues with anxiety, anxiety attacks, and it’s just about the most hopeless feeling in the world. I thought it would be perfect to share my tips on preventing anxiety attacks. As well as share this adorable top with links to purchase below! 1. Know your limits. Everyone has a breaking point when it’s too much work, school, events, or anything. It’s good to know when you should stop, take a break, and just chill out. You’ll know you’ve reached your limit when you’re tired all the time but can’t sleep because the work is controlling your every thought. 😣 It’s okay to have a limit.2. Schedule a relaxation break. I think it’s always good to schedule in a break to relax and do things like take a bath, swim, exercise, or whatever you like. Even a day off sounds like a fabulous idea! Taking days off are crucial for remaining zen and happy in your life! 🙃3. Laugh. This is something I’m realizing now in my life. Working with kids, I see how happy and simple they are. There’s one kid who I work with who laughs at everything!! I feel like I’m laughing at him laughing … I leave from our session in such a happy mood which lasts all day. Keep friends around who make you laugh, those are the best kinds of friendships.4. Positive thoughts. Thinking in a positive way can be tough but I think it’s really important to do as a person. The more negative thoughts you allow in your mind the less happiness you will have and before you know it you’ll be feeling anxious for what’s to come. Those are my 4 tips on preventing anxiety! If you have any tips, let me know! Thank you for stopping by! 😘 I also wanted to talk about this new top!

I’m wearing this top from a new IG shop called @shop_everglow Shop their Poshmark here! Not only did they have adorable pineapple packaging but this top is soooooo soft, I didn’t want to take it off. It’s one of those perfect basic tops every girl needs to dress up or dress down! They have a lot of fun trendy pieces at such affordable prices!


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