How I️ Started Blogging

Today I wanted to talk about blogging and how I️ started blogging. I️ have many, many fun reasons how my life led up to this blog so I️ thought I’d do something new and share the story with you all.

Okay, so this blogging obsession started in high school where I️ decided to create a blog. I️ followed blogs like Sincerely Jules which I loved and felt so inspired by. Actually she’s got to be the first blogger I️ ever followed! Well, when I️ created it I️ realized it was so hard to create content mostly because I️ didn’t have a photographer. My sisters would try to help me but … let’s just say they aren’t very artistic so I️ quickly gave up.

After that I️ decided blogging was too hard and I️ needed a camera so that was out of the question. I️ made a YouTube channel and filmed my first fashion video with the help of my little sister and a MacBook! When I️ posted it I️ was getting a few subscribers and people requesting styling videos and surprisingly a lot of views. When all of a sudden one of my friends from high school found it and posted it on his Facebook page tagging me. I️ was absolutely terrified and just took it down. I️ didn’t like the attention and was just so shy about it. So that was done! A few years after high school I️ decided to try it again but as a private page and made it all about my travels. I️ was very involved in church and traveled with them quite a few times out of the country which is what most of my first blog posts are about. Those are probably my sweetest most special blog posts I’ve done. I️ always look back to them every now and then. I️ was really trying to practice that verse search seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all things will be added to you. Something like that, well that’s when Felix came into my life and gifted me my first camera! Haha I️ knew I️ needed a good camera to create professional content with. Since the beginning I️ was always absolutely obsessed with fashion, styling, brands, photography, writing, drawing, traveling, and sharing with friends. I️ thought I️ had to just start now and make my blog into something more. I’m blogging because I️ love keeping up with trends and trying them out and maybe even inspiring some of you out there to do the same! I️ love dressing up, like pretty much on the regular, and I’m a professional shopaholic. It just made sense for me! I’m very happy I️ stepped out of my comfort zone and have this blog to look back onto and maybe even show my kids one day! In all honesty it’s also so incredibly therapeutic to me. I️ have a little corner on the internet where I️ can share anything I️ want. Where I can be creative and just write. I’ve also been working on every blog post being more meaningful and not just another style post where I️ rant about the outfit. In the end I want my readers to come and not only leave with an outfit idea but also a new look on their mentality and life. So there you have it… how and why I’m blogging. Thank you for stopping by and chat with you all very soon. 💕

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