2 Fall/Winter Transition Pieces Your Wardrobe Needs

It’s finally fall going into the winter season and you want to add a little more “fall vibes” to your outfits and you’re struggling because… mmm… idk maybe you live in SoCal! I️ know people love SoCal and it’s such an awesome place to live but I️ think I’ve always liked the colder weather. Well, since I️ don’t get it too often I️ have found ways of adding more “fall vibes” to my outfits and realized I️ always opt for two pieces!

1. Hats. I️ love hats but especially in colder weather! Not only do they keep your ears and head warm but they also look absolutely adorable! Any gal can pull off a hat with almost any outfit! During the fall/winter it’s all about the fabric, for example; you wouldn’t choose a straw fedora hat because that’s typically worn in the summer season. You have to chose hats that are made of softer, thicker materials such had suede and felt. That is how you’ll know it will be the perfect transition piece. Hats are definitely the cutest accessory.

2. OTK Boots (aka: over the knee) Okay, obviously just boots in general but OTK boots are my absolute favorite. They are just so stylish, chic, trendy, everything about them is perfect! You have to be careful though because OTK boots are one of those things that need to fit like a glove and if they don’t well… you’ll end up looking a little frumpy. Make sure you try them on and look around to see which ones fit best. They don’t need to be expensive to fit perfectly you just have to go on the hunt and try several on to make sure you got the best. Nowadays you can find them everywhere!

The best part about these two pieces is, if you live in SoCal, that you can wear them with a dress or outfit that isn’t warm. Which is what makes them great transition pieces! I️ paired my berett with my off the shoulder gingham dress that I️ wore during the summer season like all the time!! See, I️ won’t be overheating in case the sun decides to shine a little harder but still manage to look very “fall”.

Well, those are my two favorite transition pieces! Thanks for stopping by. 😘

Love, Elle.



Wool Hat.


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