The Key For Wrinkle Free Skin 

The time has come where I’ve realized I’m running out of this new face lotion I have been using for a few months now….sooo it was time to share it! Okay, when the company, Pro MD Health, reached out to me I was going to say no, only because I’m not the type to be trying a million products. When I find something that works I just stick to it but after looking into their products I was actually impressed and wanted to try it out. I received a night lotion, which I would use every night after toning my face. My skin felt nourished and moisturized it was great! 

I also received a day lotion with SPF which I was totally lacking on! I used to have a special sunscreen I used from my dermatologist and when I ran out I never repurchased. The key to staying wrinkle free is sunscreen so I was so happy to have an all in one lotion! Unfortunately my skin didn’t react too well at first and it’s totally my fault, after using this lotion with spf I also went out and bought facial sunscreen with spf 50, thinking ohh the more, the better. WRONG!!!! I was adding way to much oil to my face which was causing me to break out which was causing me to stress out causing me to break out even more! Working in this circle, I kept it going not realizing what I was doing. 😣 I don’t think I’ve ever broken out as much as I did the last few months. <<
naturally I decided to get a microdermabrasion facial with my favorite girl Alysha with fresh faces (who also does sugaring, she's amazing! Book her HERE!) I told her what was going on and she basically fully educated me on all that oil using I was doing. After my facial I cut out the high spf sunscreen and I swear my breakouts and my face cleared up in like 4 days!! Oh, and my microdermabrasion helped too! 😉 I feel like a layer of my skin was sucked away leaving me with the best baby soft skin ever! When I put these absolutely luxurious lotions on, my skin is getting all the nutrients right on top of the skin that matters!

I’m happy with the results and how my skin feels every time I use this lotion. So if you’re looking for a new lotion , you can try these! Look into products at Pro MD Health. I want every girl to have beautiful, healthy, glowing skin so I hope you give it a try! Good luck! 😘

Love, Elle. 


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