A Tip For Styling Your Midi Skirts

My favorite look to style without thinking twice has to be hands down SKIRTS!! Not just any skirt but midi skirts, it is such a polished girl kind of look and I am all about it! Today I wanted to share one of my secrets when styling skirts. It’s something I just started doing and no one would even know! It all started a few Sundays ago when I wanted to wear this adorable black pleated midi skirt but couldn’t find the perfect top so I decided I’d wear a dress! I chose this black bodycon dress but I had more options with my dresses! It’s an easy way to add more variety when styling a look. I wish I would’ve thought of it sooner! Not only did I love how it looked but since it’s a dress, being longer than a top, it stayed tucked in, the whole day! It may be something I just discovered but I thought I’d share because geeeezzz I feel like it increased my options for outfits by a lot!  Thanks for stopping by as always!

Love, Elle.

Shop my look! 

Midi Skirt + Blank NYC Jacket + Romwe Black bodycon + Vince Camuto Heels + HB Bag


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