Top 7 Activities In My Fall Bucket List

Hello, hello, we meet again. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the fact that it is October soon to be November, which means it is my anniversary with Felix! It’s about to be four years of being officially together and it doesn’t even feel like that long! Just crazy how time flies! Then after that it’ll be the new year before ya know it! In honor of boyfriends and relationships I wanted to make my very own bucket list of things to do with your boo this October/November! 🤗 Personally these kind of posts are my favorite to read and I find so many cool spots to head to for the first time. Here’s my personal bucket list!

1. Pumpkin Carving/Decorating. Every year Felix and I try to find cute pictures we want to carve on our pumpkins. Last year we had it at my house with both our families and everyone dressed up in their costume! You’re guaranteed to have a fun time with your love and family.

2. Pumpkin patch! Not only is fun to eat some food, play some games and pick up some pumpkins but there are also great photo ops! It is probably the most Fall activity you could and should do! img_7992

3. Go up to the mountains. My parents just bought their very first second home and home where they want to retire to and it happens to be in Big Bear!! They still have about two years or so until they retire officially so the cabin is up there, fully furnished just waiting. We will definitely be taking a few trips up this year. Most likely spending thanksgiving and christmas up there too with my family and Felix’s family too! I’m hoping it snows! ❄️

4. Hot air balloon. I’ve never gotten on a hot air balloon but have always wanted to! I bet the view and experience would be just.. wow! I’m hoping this year I can cross it off my list! img_7998

5. Fall photo session. Every year Felix and I attend a Marine gala event where I find a pretty ball gown and Felix wears his dress blues. He always looks so handsome and truly looks like Prince Charming, I always tell him our children are going to think mommy and daddy were prince and princess when they look at our pictures.  Last year we had our very first photo session and I definitely want them this year again!

6. Cozy up. I want to get all cozy and comfy wrapped in a million blankets with my love and some hot cocoa and just talk about our dreams and future. It’s my favorite conversation to have with Felix.

7. Disneyland! Go to Disneyland or the Disneyland Halloween event! It always feels like Fall at Disneyland with all their decorations! We love taking Felix’s niece every year and we always have so much fun!!! We are excited every year to go back and find our costumes! This year we were Spider Family! img_7987

Some of these I’ve already done and look forward doing every year! It’s a great way to spend time with family and your special someone! Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Elle.


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