Why you NEED an agenda in your life! 

Okay, let’s be real… having an agenda can seem so unnecessary especially when we have technology at our fingertips but today I am here to tell you to put that technology down so I can tell you why you need an agenda in your life! 😉

1. Stress relieving. I don’t know if you have ever used one of those adult coloring books, painted, journaled or read a book lately but if you haven’t you should because it can be quite relaxing. Everything mentioned above can be somewhat therapeutic for your mind. Taking time on the weekend to organize your thoughts and create something pretty on a piece of paper is just as close.

2. Be creative. Being creative or attempting to be can be so fun! You can find cute stickers, washy tape, fun stamps and a million other adorable agenda accessories at almost every store from the dollar tree, target, even amazon!

3. Keeps you organized. Staying organized is probably priority when it comes to keeping an agenda! If you’re in school then this is seriously the most important reason to have an agenda! When I was in school I would organize every assignment in my agenda as soon as I downloaded the syllabus at the beginning of the semester! Along with reminders of when the assignment was due! I was never late on any assignment!  (Tip* I would buy erasable colored pens in case the syllabus was altered during the semester.) 

4. It’s cute, duh!  Everything mentioned above is important but a fun reason to have an agenda is well…. because it’s cute, duh! 🤗 There are soooo many adorable agendas out there so finding one you love will be easy!! If you love it, you’ll use it!
Even if you’re not in school you will benefit from having one because you can stay organized for work, your blog and just life events! Hope you give in and just get that agenda you want for 2018, I definitely will!

Here are some of my favorite items!

Brittany Fuson Planner pictured here! && I’ll be buying again!
Neiman Marcus.