Sunday’s Best

Here’s another Sunday look, my favorite style to wear brought to you by Target fashion! I know, how cute are these pieces which happen to be very affordable and sold at your local target! I’m going to be honest, I haven’t browsed through the clothes at Target since being in middle school but the other day I was picking up some plain white T Shirts my boyfriend needed so I had to pass by the women’s clothes to get to the men sections (I’m telling you I never even bothered looking at Target clothes, I go straight to home decor or makeupalley). I saw this bright yellow pleated skirt on a mannequin and thought it was the most darling skirt ever so I picked it up and continued to look. I found this button up that didn’t have my size so I got the XL but thought it would be absolutely adorable with the sleeves rolled up and tied in the front. As soon as I tried it on I thought it was so effortless, so parisian-girl inspired. I pictured myself wearing this with a neck scarf some nice denim shorts or denim jeans the options are endless.As for my look it was achieved and much cuter than expected! You’ll definitely be spotting me in womens clothing in the future. I paired my outfit with some dainty jewelry and simple accessories that went perfectly with the outfit. If this were an everyday look, I’d switch the shoes for some sandals or if I were in Paris I’d switch the shoes for some cute sneakers. Thanks for stopping by.

Love, Elle.









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