Faith > Fear

Hi everyone, I have a new addiction brewing, T-shirts with meanings! I’m really not a Tshirt wearing kind of girl but recently I love a good Tee with an amazing verse or saying on it! I’m also pretty casual during the week so I love pairing them with jeans or a skirt! When this company reached out to me and Felix we were so excited to twin and wear them together! These shirts are actually meant for working out 🏋 and we will definitely be wearing these on our runs with the pups but we thought a casual outfit for the shoot with these shirts would be cool too! 👍🏻 Let’s be real, we don’t run too often together 🙊 so wearing these on a casual day out is more our style. We love the material of these shirts, I can tell they’ll last through many workouts and wears. I love this verse on these shirts, it reminds us to continue on with the Lord because everything else will eventually perish which can be so scary sometimes, but with faith, with God, everything will be fine. Here is a little bit about Flyte, “FLYTE is about more than simply selling supplements and apparel. We promote a lifestyle that encourages the bridging of faith and fitness in a culture that finds it difficult to see how the two can connect. The world of fitness is saturated with messages of individualistic empowerment and encourages self-centered gain for self-advancing purposes. FLYTE exists to glorify God by being a light in this spiritually dark industry that cares much about profits and recognition but little for the wellbeing of its consumers. We seek to encourage physical health unto even greater spiritual health as we shift the emphasis away from mere personal gain to impacting the lives of people who, like Alex once did, might find themselves in a dark place and in need of a light.” How encouraging is that!?! There are many other styles and products to try so I will link them below, I know you’ll love them!

Thanks for stopping by! 😘 

Shop here!


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