How To Style a White Dress

Hello, is anyone else out there extremely sad about fourth of July being over?! I gotta say the month of July is one of my favorites, it’s like my preppy style comes out to play and I enjoy every second of it especially for the fourth! Plus my family barbecues almost every weekend as I tan the day away in the pool, what more can I possibly ask for! My outfit for today was worn on an insanely hot July day but I felt cool all day wearing this dress because well…duh it’s a dress! I love an all white dress because the outfit options are endless, you can go for something dressy or casual! You can even experiment with different makeup/hair looks. I wore this dress as preppy as it could possibly get keeping it quite classy, I felt like a modern day Jackie Kennedy with my silk neck scarf and adorable little straw purse. I also wore these little nude sandals that I seriously wear everywhere because they are SO, SO, SO, SO comfortable, I’m so happy I purchased these babies! For my hair I did some loose waves but eventually pulled it up into a ponytail.. the heat was getting to me with all that hair! I just can’t do this long hair ….especially during the summer. I haven’t applied heat in about one week and a half and it feels like it grew five inches… I thought I wanted long hair…but then I just don’t really like the feeling. I’m going to try to contain myself from cutting it though but stay tuned in case I do decide to chop it off!  Direct links for items below.

Love Elle.

Scarf- Basically the same one for $4!!!!!  |Bag-Zara sale&all sold out! Similar one here $74! or $24 here! |Shoes- Hinge-Nordstrom $59  |Dress- Leith-Nordstrom & On sale!!! $41  |  




5 thoughts on “How To Style a White Dress

  1. Amoy Lily says:

    White dress, neck scarf, straw bag and sandals. What a comfort and summer look! No matter the style of the rest of your wardrobe – the white dress will play nicely with your other items.


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