My Favorite Hair Products.

Hello 🌞! I’ve been wanting to share my haircare routine because I have discovered so many new amazing products that actually do what they say! So let’s get right into it! I’ve organized it by numbers/colors to make it easier!

1. Hairburst vitamins. I must say I have noticed a big difference in my hair since taking them. My hair seems fuller and keeps getting longer! 🤗 I really don’t like my hair too long but I do like it full so these are doing it’s thang! 👍🏻 $56 for pack of two! (Direct Link Here)

2. Moroccan oil deep hydration mask (for colored hair). 💆🏼 This literally smells like everything that makes me happy! Vacation on a beach, sipping on a coconut 🌴 on an outside spa getting a massage. It smells Dee-Vineeee!! It also leaves my hair feeling so soft and the smell lingers in your hair! I always repurchase this baby! It’s my twice a month mask splurge! $43 (Direct Link Here)

3. It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. The texture of my hair definitely changes. I don’t have super fine hair but I definitely don’t have thick hair so every time I use this I feel like my hair is more thicker and stronger. I only use this a few times a week because this has a lot of keratin which could be damaging to your hair in large amounts according to my hair stylist. Regardless it’s an amazing product! 👌🏻$25 (Direct Link Here)

4. Schwarzkopf leave in conditioner. Another leave in conditioner I love! I switch from #3 to this one daily! This product smells amazing and makes my hair soft. Overall the price point is a lot lower which is always nice! $10 (Direct Link Here)

5. Proganix. Shampoo and conditioner. I am in love with this brand. Everything is made from natural ingredients. I’ve tried a few different sets of shampoo/conditioner they all smell different and sooo good! I’m not sure of an actual store you can buy them in but if you have amazon prime you’re all set for any you want to try! $13 for both! (Direct Link Here)

6. Proganix flat iron hydration. I got this one to try with the shampoo/conditioner. I don’t straighten my hair too often but when I did this product does what it says! 🙂🙃 It also smells good and the ingredients are just impressive! $19 (Direct Link Here)

7. Proganix anti-fade. This little bottle is my fifth one and how my obsession with this brand developed. A very good friend from work (Michelle😏 Asian bae) gifted it to me on my birthday and as soon as I tried it I basically went to hair heaven! I’ll shower, comb my hair, spray this magical spray, air dry and viola!!!!!! No frizz and it works even better when you blow dry your hair! After I’m done styling I’ll even spray some more because it’s not heavy on the hair and does not leave it oily at all!! I’m seriously head over heels for this little spray! 🤗🙏🏼 It’s my everyday product. $7 (Direct Link Here)

8. Proganix repair serum.  This is serum, a little goes a long way. This adds shine  and adds hydration to your hair instantly! I’m in love with it and I repurchase every time I’m running low because it’s an everyday item for me!!
Every item I’m sharing I use and love! I’ve seen results and continue to purchase them because of that. If you try any I know you won’t be disappointed! 💁🏼 $6 (Direct Link Here)

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Elle! 💛


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