Cancun, Mexico


I’m finally sharing my Cancun adventure. It was my first time heading out to Cancun and it definitely did not disappoint. I’ve been to Mexico plenty of times before with my family since my dad is from Acapulco. My dad lived literally a few feet away from the water in a three story house full of seven children, surfing and eating seafood all day…(my dream life minus the surfing). So, coming here my expectations were high especially since I know what Mexico can be like. I wanted this trip to be pure relaxation and didn’t plan a single activity besides laying by the beach and that’s mostly what I did. The last few days we actually went out to explore and shop! So, here are some things you can do while you’re in Cancun.

  1. Obviously you’ll be by the beach!! Cancun is one long strip with both sides facing the water so you can’t go wrong with where you stay!  I would grab my book of the month and just lay and relax, eat a pizza, drink my piña coladas and sleep. Even got a massage by the beach for around 15 bucks!

2. Staying in a resort with all inclusive is the best!!! There are a million out there so just look through to see what you like best.

2. We went out to shop, they have a few main shopping malls with stores that I love but don’t have in the States so it was nice to be able to shop there.

3. Xcaret is basically a natural beauty with animals all over, restaurants, water rides or activities, shows and the beautiful beach!! This was the only activity we did and it was so beautiful. There are a million other things to do as well though. 


3 1/2 Xcaret also has pretty amazing shows, including a 2 hour long  folkloric show at the very end. This show includes dances from every region in Mexico including a fùtbol game where the Aztecs used to hit the ball with their hip and even one game where they light a ball on fire and hit it with sticks, yes they light the ball of fire!! It was pretty intense.


4. The last night we went out to see a show downtown..(we weren’t planning on heading downtown because we were all a little too scared but I felt safe the whole time. Cancun is just one long strip so it’s really hard to get lost. The last day there, it was as if Cancun knew because it was beautiful. Well…that’s what we did while we were there and I’d highly recommend the few things we did but there is seriously so much to choose from while visiting.DSC_2536



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