Year of Motivation.

Hello my lovely gals and gents! This year I have been so incredibly motivated and committed with my workout routine…which is good because my eating habits have stayed the same. In reality I hardly eat processed foods or drink alcohol it’s just not part of my lifestyle but I do have my occasional “cheat meal or snack”. 🏃🏽‍♀️In light of my daily workout routine success I wanted to share a cute workout outfit with you all. I danced ballet growing up and these leggings give me major nostalgia of growing up in dance gear like this, as well as those cute wrap around sweaters… ohh sighhh. I actually don’t wear these leggings with sneakers because I think it looks funny so I only wear them with sandals on my way to a yoga class or running errands. I got a white tank with cute side cutouts from the same collection. Material on both items are sturdy enough to workout in and obviously comfortable, as workout clothes should be. I’m hoping I continue working out regularly but time will tell. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the links below for these items! 

Love, Elle.❤️💕

Leggings- Free People

Top-Free People




One Comment Add yours

  1. Ana says:

    These leggings are so cute! I would totally rock these on a day to day basis with a simple tee and a denim jacket!!
    Ana |


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