Letter from Elle 

Goodmorning gorgeous gals, today I have a pretty little look to share with you all. This outfit I believe to be an epitome of my personality, style, lifestyle, color scheme simply everything. I feel more comfortable in skirts or dresses, always have since being a little girl. I love femininity, modesty but also something flirtatious all in one! Alrighty, well this was my Sunday outfit to church. I’ve attended this church since birth and it has become my second home, my happy place… I love taking a walk before church every now and then (If I’m not running late) and we had to shoot this look this morning because the sun was shining beautifully so how could we not! Sometimes, I take a walk with my mom and we eventually make our way to church after some photo opps, little hellos to the early walkers, and intimate little conversations between my mom and I or now Felix and I.  

Since it’s Sunday I wanted to share what I enjoyed from the meeting this morning which I don’t normally do. Today we talked about being the only creation on earth that has a voice and free will to speak whatever we want. Somehow our throat, tongue, mouth, teeth are all positioned perfectly so that we can use our muscles in our mouth to actually speak out of all other creation even our closest ‘ancestor’ being the gorilla, us, the human race made in the image of God can speak. I’ve always been so amazed by this simple little everyday thing, speaking. How something so simple and mundane can turn into imparting some kind of life into someone else. Always blown away. Speaking God’s truth or simply something as simple as a verse or something that I enjoyed even if a person doesn’t believe in God can be encouraging. I’ve always been a little more quite, maybe even shy. Even now when it comes to standing up during our meetings and sharing an experience or something I’ve enjoyed I just freeze .. most of the time. I hardly ever share much about what I know but when I do I feel the Lord speaking through me and it’s really the most encouraging feeling. We are ones who can speak his truths and be a testimony of his word and everything God is doing on earth and I hope I can be fearless one day when it comes to speaking. 

Thanks for reading. Love, Elle. 

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  1. That is the cutest outfit! Love the shirt and that skirt is adorable!


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