San Francisco, CA

I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll soon be moving to San Francisco for work and the move keeps getting prolonged but I’m so ready to live in a new city and start completely new somewhere else. I went a few months ago for an interview, I was already thinking there was no way I was going to get the job so I had to make an actual trip out of my time so that I felt like this trip wasn’t a complete waste. Turns out I got the job and now my life is going to be completely different! Anyway I wanted to share a few of my favorite spots or things and places to see!


Lombard street is the most crooked street in the world. It’s absolutely beautiful and just completely different than any other street I’ve ever seen! You also get an amazing view of the city since you start going downhill towards the pier.img_0837img_0822

Most delicious spot for croissants! The long line is well worth the wait!👌🏻🥐dsc_9650dsc_9750dsc_9770dsc_9802dsc_9786dsc_9754dsc_9804

Then there’s Pier 39 that is fishermans wharf, perfect spot for some ice cream, lobster or fish and chips San Francisco style!dsc_9718dsc_9728

I went during Halloween so everyone had their cute little pumpkins out decorating the front steps of every home! dsc_9741

I unfortunately didn’t get on this little tram but definitely will!dsc_9834dsc_9833dsc_9842

Random fact if you’re actually reading through everything…I speak Italian so I’ll be spending a lot of time in little Italy. I plan on discovering an Italian restaurant that is run and owned by a little old man/woman who most likely speak Italian. If I do find it then I’ll spend some of my free time there getting to know the little old man/women and practicing my Italian with them. I will fall in love with them and them with me and they’ll be my adopted Italian grandparents! Anyway let’s hope it turns out like that… and if it does I’ll show them this post letting them know I practically wished for them.😍dsc_9852dsc_9891I’m obsessed with old buildings with amazing architecture behind them. The pictures above are only a few there are so many beautiful buildings in San Francisco just waiting to be fallen in love with! I can’t wait! Including the famous Painted Ladies down below!!  dsc_9892dsc_9879dsc_9911

I promise you there are so many amazing walls on almost every street downtown!


California Academy of Sciences. Nighttime museum “club” only because they have music, food and drinks..but let’s be real it’s in a museum full of cool animals! No one is dancing in here! haha The only reason we came here is because we shared our uber with another girl and we started talking with her and she invited us to this spot! We probably would’ve never found out about it if it weren’t for thank you kind stranger.. because I forgot your name! hahahadsc_9938dsc_9960dsc_9955dsc_9969dsc_9978dsc_9975dsc_9946dsc_9990dsc_9997dsc_9943dsc_9941dsc_0058

Chinatown and this Japanese garden were a vision from my dreams and the little cafe inside the garden had the best little snacks. I love looking into cute spots to have tea and I didn’t get to have an actual tea party with the cute little sandwiches and cookies but this was pretty close!dsc_0063dsc_0072dsc_0052

Lastly, the shopping scene in SF is two thumbs up for me! Shopping till I drop every weekend with hopefully new best friends I make along my journey! 👯👯dsc_0027

Sometimes I just completely forget I have a little blog that I would like pictures to post on because we ate at many other places and saw other beautiful things but I forgot to capture those images! I need to get better at this picture taking on my trips! Well hope you enjoyed the few places I shared with you all! Until my next adventure. 😘

Love, Elle.


3 thoughts on “San Francisco, CA

  1. kmo720 says:

    I loved your posts and the pictures we got to see :). I really hope you meet an awesome Italian little old man or lady! I look forward to seeing your new adventures in San Francisco!


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