Chic Picks of April. 

Hello lovelies, I’m ready to switch out my Spring wardrobe for a bikini, no makeup and maybe a piña colada. Before I do I need to share my recent finds with you all 🤗. I love how fun this outfit came out, so feminine and just plain girly. Now this top is of course from Everly Oak, they just have so many girly pieces I’m obsessed with them! 😍 If you haven’t checked them out you have to, they will not disappoint and they are constantly adding new items to their website! 🙊  My other recent discovery thanks to my blogger friend is It’s a shoe subscription that allows you to choose from so many different shoes every month for around 38 bucks! I happened to find these shoes that reminded me of the pretty little Chloe wedges! I wasn’t about to spend that much money on the Chloe shoes as much as I would like to so I was happy to find these, considered myself lucky and purchased right away!🙊 😩  Another recent discovery are these bauble bar earrings from Target!!!! 🎯 They reminded me of Audrey Hepburn, nearly squealed when I saw them! That’s all from my look. Check out my instagram for my daily adventures by the sea. 😘 

Love , Elle. 


Everly Oak Top

Baublebar for Target 🎯


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