Isabella Drop Earrings. 

Hello, I can’t believe how cute these earrings are from Everly Oak! I’ve never been much of the earring wearing type but lately they’ve been growing on me. Especially these adorable circle drop earrings, perfect for Spring/Summer. It’s not a big surprise I’m wearing an off the shoulder dress again, I just love dresses and off the shoulder anything! This dress is so comfy, the chambray is soft and I know this dress is going to be worn on repeat during the hot summer days. Okay, my shoes are my absolute obsession!! I have the hardest time finding shoes in my size, size 6 or 6 1/2!! I feel like this is such a common size and everyone else always finds the cute shoes and I’m left to look through the ugly leftovers lol… Anyway these shoes are about one size up but I had to have them even if they were a size up!!! Later when I came to write this post I found the shoes online…in my size ….but I’ve already worn them so I can’t even exchange them. lol Ohhh well….. I’ve been looking for some cute pom pom sandals but every pair I would find looked cheap and just too crazy. These were beautiful with the touch of hot pink suede and mini heel. They look a little more designer or just more expensive…in my opinion and we’re under $100. Well, I’m excited for summer I’ll definitely be styling this dress, shoes and earrings again and again. Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Elle.

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Sandal-Cheaper but select sizes.


More sizes but also more $$!!!


Isabelle Drops!

HB Bag!



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