How I store some of my favorite things! 

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share how I store some of my favorite things in hopes of giving you some ideas on how to store your own favorite things. If you’re like me and have a million things with very little space then I think my method might just work for you. Now, let’s get started! 

1. Storing my heels and flats… I hate displaying anything out in the open so I always store everything away and out of sight. I found this shoe cabinet at ikea for $50 each (which came in black but I spray painted to get this color) and the one for my flats was around $10 there too! It fits perfectly underneath my bed and keeps everything organized at all times. Whenever I open it I’ve adjusted it so that I can see every pair of shoe I own. As for my designer shoes or my more delicate shoes I own, I keep those in the box with their dust bag on. Another reason why I would never in a million years display any of my pretty little shoes is because I don’t want them to get ruined faster than they should because I know very well I won’t be dusting them every day.



2. Storing my boots…..The boots I own all go in my closet !!! They seem to barely fit underneath my blazers/jackets but it’s working so far.  I also keep some of the boxes that are bigger and that allows me to store around 3 boots in one box  like the one shown below.img_3284

3. Hats and bags….Now my hats are all stacked right on top of one another, I find they fit perfectly (obviously). I store them on a shelf up above my clothes rack inside my closet. My bags are stored on a shelf I managed to squeeze inside my closet, they are all right up against each other for easy viewing. Some of my more delicate bags I store in their dust bag up above on the shelf since those are hardly worn on a regular basis. img_3281


That’s pretty much how I keep all of my things organized.. I’ve tried plenty of other methods but I must say this method has definitely stayed the longest. The only reason it has is because it’s perfect, clutter free and organized at all times!! Hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration for your organizational needs! Talk to you soon lovelies! 

Love, Elle.



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