Spring Style 

Hello, I wanted to start my Saturday bright and early with this style post! I’m an ambassador for this beyond adorable clothing line and couldn’t be more excited! They have so many feminine pieces and it’s right up my alley. When I received this top I was blown away by what a beautiful piece it was, it wasn’t like anything I’ve ever seen. It was simply one of a kind. 💕 I paired this blouse with a white pencil midi skirt but this top is so versatile I know I can wear this with some shorts casually or some black denim for a night out! Their site offers so many beautiful pieces. I’m excited to continue working with them and styling more of their beautiful pieces. Thank you for stopping by and have a great Saturday! 

Love, Elle. 💛 

My blouse is on sale! Shop Everly Oak

Henri Bendel bag
White similar skirt


How I store some of my favorite things! 

Hello everyone, today I wanted to share how I store some of my favorite things in hopes of giving you some ideas on how to store your own favorite things. If you’re like me and have a million things with very little space then I think my method might just work for you. Now, let’s get started! 

1. Storing my heels and flats… I hate displaying anything out in the open so I always store everything away and out of sight. I found this shoe cabinet at ikea for $50 each (which came in black but I spray painted to get this color) and the one for my flats was around $10 there too! It fits perfectly underneath my bed and keeps everything organized at all times. Whenever I open it I’ve adjusted it so that I can see every pair of shoe I own. As for my designer shoes or my more delicate shoes I own, I keep those in the box with their dust bag on. Another reason why I would never in a million years display any of my pretty little shoes is because I don’t want them to get ruined faster than they should because I know very well I won’t be dusting them every day.



2. Storing my boots…..The boots I own all go in my closet !!! They seem to barely fit underneath my blazers/jackets but it’s working so far.  I also keep some of the boxes that are bigger and that allows me to store around 3 boots in one box  like the one shown below.img_3284

3. Hats and bags….Now my hats are all stacked right on top of one another, I find they fit perfectly (obviously). I store them on a shelf up above my clothes rack inside my closet. My bags are stored on a shelf I managed to squeeze inside my closet, they are all right up against each other for easy viewing. Some of my more delicate bags I store in their dust bag up above on the shelf since those are hardly worn on a regular basis. img_3281


That’s pretty much how I keep all of my things organized.. I’ve tried plenty of other methods but I must say this method has definitely stayed the longest. The only reason it has is because it’s perfect, clutter free and organized at all times!! Hope this gave you a little bit of inspiration for your organizational needs! Talk to you soon lovelies! 

Love, Elle.


Spring Ready! 

Hello everyone! I can’t believe it’s about to be Spring, once again this year is flying by! I’m only two months away from my 25th birthday!! I just can’t believe it😳. Well I thought this outfit was the perfect Spring outfit to start the month of March with. I’m still in love with this whole lemonade print trend, I have my eye on some other lemonade print clothing as well. I wore this to a little wine tasting adventure but this outfit is just perfect for any Spring Sioree you may have. Hope I inspired you to break out of your comfort zone and just go for a cool print this Spring and summer!  Talk you all later lovelies! 😘 Thanks for stopping by!   Love elle! ❤️

Exact top here!💛 

White flare denim. 

Floppy sun hat!