How to be a morning person.

Being a morning person can be tough but I have been jotting down tips during 2016 that have helped me become a morning person, according to my lifestyle of course. I narrowed it down to these five tips but would love to hear any you might have, leave me a comment below if you have any tips on what helps you get up in the morning.


ONE: I actually make my bed every single morning and if I don’t make my bed it’s because I’m running late but I always make it one of my priorities when waking up so it’s rare if I don’t. It makes me feel like I already have my life put together so it’s a good start plus I have a million pillows laying all over the place so I’m clutter free when the bed is made. It only takes a few minutes and changes my mood completely.

TWO: Running has become a part of my morning routine. I wake up early and take Monaco out for a run (he’s a small pup but has me sprinting at times, to keep up with him!). After my run which lasts for maybe 30 minutes or less I come home to do some squats, lunges, planks or even weight exercises. I used to go to the gym a lot more before I realized Monaco needs to get some energy out too. I’ll save the gym for those Saturdays I want to go cycling or use the sauna. It’s a good way to kick start your metabolism and stay active. I actually look forward to waking up and going running!
THREE: Eating a healthy breakfast is another thing I’ve noticed leads me to having a better day. Not only a better day but also better choices for lunch and dinner. I’ll usually cook some eggs with half a bagel/toast or make a smoothie. I’ll always eat some fruit in the morning as well and have a glass of water. After my workout it always energizes me in the morning and since I don’t drink coffee it gives me that extra energy that coffee gives other people.

FOUR:  Thinking positively has always helped me in my life so starting your morning with positive thoughts and vibes will make it a better morning and day!! Whenever I catch myself thinking negatively about a certain situation I always try to replace it with the opposite of what it is or deny whatever negative thought is being created. The human mind is such a powerful organ and if you struggle with thinking positively it takes time to finally master positive thinking without trying to think positively. I’ve always thought of my mind as a muscle, you have to train your mind to think a certain way and eventually it will happen simultaneously.

FIVE: Now my fifth thing is the most important because it starts deep within the mind, body and soul. It’s my Spirit that needs the real nourishment, if we need to breathe, exercise and eat everyday to be alive our Spirit also needs to eat, exercise and breathe spiritual food. Reading the Bible feeds my Spirit and breathing God in every every day keeps my Spirit exercised and alive. Breathing God in can be as simple as praying, singing or just talking to God throughout your day. Starting of your day with this activity is the best because it sets your heart, mind, body, soul and spirit in the right direction. I usually do it right after I’ve made my bed and just sit on my bed as I read or pray or even better pray read!!  It’s so easy and will change your life the most out of all of these activities.

I hope this gives you a few little tips or ideas to incorporate into your everyday life, I know they have made a difference in my life and I hope they do in yours as well. Talk to you soon.

Love, Elle. ❤️️