Top 10 Secret Santa Christmas List Suggestions.

Okay, tonight I was feeling extra inspired by my pinterest and thought I would make a list of my top 10 items to purchase for someone for a secret Santa present. I personally never participate in secret Santa, only because I don’t celebrate Christmas but for those around me that do including my boyfriend, some friends and some family this list is for you! Simply click on the picture to get to the item!

  1. Everyone needs one of these amazing bottles, everything hot stays hot and everything cold remains cold! It’s seriously the best thing I’ve ever discovered and you can’t go wrong with giving this as a gift ever.


2. Okay, who wouldn’t love this phone case, like really?! Especially for that girl who is obsessed with the French and those gold star sparkles floating around are just adorable!


3. HB card holders are perfect for the girl who only carries around a little purse and has no space inside her me! You could also personalize it with her initials making extra special.


4. This book is beyond the cutest book ever created and perfect for that girl who loves party planning. It will give you the best tips ever!


5. Kate Spade seriously needs to stawwwp with the adorable things they make! How cute is this beanie, perfect for that casual everyday outfit. I envision this beanie being worn with some black denim jeans, nikes or flats, a white tee, some loose curls, and denim jacket.


6. Scarfs!!! No brainer! It’s cold everyone needs scarfs!


7. Every girl uses lipstick or lipgloss, my favorite lipstick color for MAC is hands down the color ‘hug me’ because it’s so natural.


8. Okay my greatest obsession is sleeping masks to get a good night rest, never fails me.


9. Candles are the perfect gift but could be tricky since it’s a scent but for those candle lovers, this scent from voluspa is my FAVVVVVV!!!


10. Sugarfina!! First of all….their love story behind this company is the most inspiring thing ever. A couple so in love travel around the world tasting candies and chocolate all around the world and share their favorite with us all! I die, major dream of mine!💕 🍭  🍬


Love, Elle. 💋



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