All checked out.

Checkered fabric is in for fall 2016 so I thought it would be appropriate to feature this adorable little checkered button up. I am actually wearing this top over a white dress which leads me into sharing a major style tip during fall that I think every girl knows and loves, layering! I layered this top over my dress, this necklace over my top, and this jacket over it all. These booties are also a perfect fall transition essential piece every girl should have. When the weather is still a little warm no one wants to be wearing full on boots so booties are perfect. That sums up my outfit for today, hope everyone has an amazing day!

Love, Elle!


Dress: Nordstrom

Checkered top: Old Navy Target

Necklace: J.Crew

Booties: From boutique in Spain Bloomingdale’s

Jacket: Black NYC

Bag: From Spain, Blancos Nordstrom Rack

Sunglasses: $12 dollar Nordstrom sunglasses


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