Venice Beach, California

I haven’t posted on this travel tab lately and I’m so sad! I actually have gone on a few mini getaways in CA but it’s been so hot where I’ve been going it’s humanly impossible for me to stop and take pictures of anything! I’ve also been just lounging around poolside so there’s not much to document but I finally went on a one day trip to Venice and did so many fun things I had to share! I’ve been to Venice a few time before but it’s mostly just to visit a friend where we usually just head to the beach or hang out at their house so I never actually explored Venice like I did today. We left early and headed straight to Abbot Kinney blvd to ‘The Butcher’s Daughter Juice bar & Cafe’ where I fell in love with the interior design and basically planned how my future home will look. I loved the bohemian look with the white wood, wooden plates, green plants, and the rose gold ohhhh the rose gold seriously gave it the perfect touch. Besides being beautiful the food and drinks were delicious.




After eating we walked outside to shop and explore, we happened to go a day there was a festival so there were so many boutique type clothing booths set up, handmade jewelry shops, there was everything!! I obviously had to buy a few beautiful things!dsc_8426

We then started to make our way down to the famous Venice sign where we discovered amazing murals all over huge walls that were so picture worthy….like how could you come to Venice beach and not take pictures here! It’s a must do!


We rented some bikes and made our way to probably the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen! The Venice canals, I’ve been to Rome, Italy (it’s very special to my heart and happens to be my very first post here on my blog) but never made it to Venezia and for that I seriously regret so much and after visiting these canals I can only imagine how much more beautiful the real Venice is. Definitely on my bucket list for 2017.


After walking our bikes through this beautiful canal, can you believe we biked all the way to Santa Monica pier!? It didn’t take too long and I would definitely do it again preferably on a more chilly day! Last stop was a restaurant called Salt Air where we were basically dehydrated and dying from that bike ride! I only managed to take a picture of our seriously beyond delicious fish we ate but it was gone in a few minutes!dsc_8568dsc_8608dsc_8620

That sums up my photo diary of my one day trip to Venice beach, California. I also made a super fast video of everything.If you’re planning on visiting California, definitely a must see! Email/comment if you have any questions I always reply! Hope you enjoy! 🙈


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